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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Planned Parenthood Caught Attempting To Suppress Statutory Rape And Sexual Abuse

The Liberal Culture of Death marches on and on. No regard for basic human life. No regard for sexual abuse or rape. It's all a big joke for The Liberals.

Planned Parenthood - aka "Abortions 'R Us!" - not only told a girl they would bend the laws and not report statutory rape, they also lied and said an adult who is not a parent or guardian could substitute for parental consent!

PR Newswire reports on an Alabama Planned Parenthood counselor telling a 14-year old that they would bend the rules a bit in not reporting the rape:

    A Planned Parenthood counselor in Birmingham was caught on hidden camera telling an alleged 14-year-old statutory rape victim that the clinic "does sometimes bend the rules a little bit" rather than report sexual abuse to state authorities. This is the seventh Planned Parenthood clinic implicated in a multi-state child abuse scandal involving the deliberate and unlawful suppression of evidence of statutory rape.

    Lila Rose, 20-year-old UCLA student and Live Action president, went undercover at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Birmingham and told a counselor that she was 14-years-old, pregnant by her 31-year-old "boyfriend," and needed a secret abortion so her parents would not find out about her sexual relationship with the older man.

    After telling the counselor that her "boyfriend" is 31, Rose asks, "Is it a problem about my boyfriend?" The counselor, identified as "Tanisha" in the video, responds, "As long as you consented to having sex with him, there's nothing we can truly do about that." Rose then says that her boyfriend "said he could get in big trouble," and Tanisha acknowledges that "he could, especially if your parents find out that he's 31." She then tells Rose that the clinic manager, OB/GYN Dr. Desiree Bates, "sometimes does bend the rules a little bit" and states that "whatever you tell us stays within these walls" and "we can't disclose any information to anybody."

    Alabama code 26-14-3 requires health professionals to disclose suspected cases of sexual abuse to state officials immediately.

    "The law is explicit about a healthcare provider's duty to report, yet Planned Parenthood pretends they cannot say anything," Rose notes of the investigation. "Planned Parenthood increases its business and influence by circumventing state reporting laws, but inflicts terrible harm upon the vulnerable young girls sent back to statutory rapists."

    In the video, Tanisha also seems to tell Rose that a signature from an "older sister that's over the age of 18" or someone "with the same last name" could function as a substitute for parental consent so Planned Parenthood could perform an abortion on a minor. Alabama Code 26-21-3 specifies that the written permission of either a parent or legal guardian is necessary before a minor may obtain an abortion.

See? Rape and abortion is funny, funny, stuff. Damn it, if you don't find humor in these subjects then something is wrong with YOU!
Al Franken says Rape is Funny. David Letterman thinks Raping a 14-year old girl is Funny.

Abortion is just hysterical! After all, a zygote is just a bunch of genderless tissue.

Abortion and rape are funny! And the laws...well, we can bend them a little bit in the cases of statutory rape. Why not? There's nothing wrong with a little rape, right? I think uber-Liberal and uber-Progressive Women secretly desire to be raped. It's the only way they'll get some action.

We have to trust the Liberals on this. They're never wrong. Never. Rape, abortion and sexual abuse are funny. Joke about them as much as you want, as frequently as you can.


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Is it too late to abort Franken?
No, Molson, it isn't. We just have to tie him down long enough so the doctor can abort him. ;)
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