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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Obama Booed At All Star Game

Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama, Junior was booed by the crowd at Tuesday night's All Star Game. Fantastic! Americans are waking up to the fact that he's a Fascist and they are SICK of him!

From Manolith, which also has the video:

    At last night’s MLB All-Star Game, President Obama was booed after throwing out the first pitch. Actually if you listen closely, it sounded like they were booing him from the introduction.


    Baseball aficionados said he threw like a sissy, but really, give the guy a break, you can’t expect him to be good at everything.


    Compared to George W. Bush’s famous strike in the 2001 World Series, Obama couldn’t compare.

Obama does throw like a sissy. Hit the link and see for yourself.

From Fanhouse:

    ST. LOUIS -- They booed Barack Obama and cheered the two Bushes, which is everything you need to know about this city.

And then there is the problem of Pbama unable to pronounce "Comiskey" which he called "ComiNskey" and his calling it a "Field" instead of its proper name, "Park." The Weekly Standard:

    Bob Costas gets Obama talking about his beloved team, at which point the president declares that "there's a different quality to what used to be Cominskey Field vs. Wrigley."

    Indeed, one might even say there's a different quality to what used to be Comiskey Park vs. Wrigley.

    It would appear that Democratic presidential aspirants don't just have fantasy sports leagues, but fantasy fields as well. It was 2004 when John Kerry was so excited about his trip to Green Bay's famous Lambert Field.


    ...how'd he manage to muff the name of his home team's stadium?

I'm betting he botched the name of his home team's stadium because he's back on the crack pipe. That's my story, and damn it, I'm sticking to it.


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Like Sir Paul McCartney from the Beatles could sing to Barack Obama:

"Get back to where you once belonged."
I hear President Teleprompter was also wearing mom jeans...
Junior president taking the heat os soon?

SPOT ON! And I'm guessing for Obango, that would be Kenya!

Classic line, Tym. Excellent!

Now that you mention it, THEY ARE MOM JEANS! YES! Absolutely.

Did you see the throw? He throws like a sissy!

Dear Leader was booed. That's always a good sign, huh?
Im glad the pig was booed, I WISH I WAS THERE!! I would have booed the LOUDEST!

Ha ha ha! I love your comment. You and me both - WE would have booed the loudest!

And I would have been yelling "SISSY PITCH, SISSY PITCH." Of course, that's almost oxymoronic, why would anyone expect a Sissy to throw in any other manner?!?!?
As the pitch goes, I've seen worse. The mayor of Washington DC for instance (another black dude I believe unless I am wrong, it could be Detroit though).

Anyhow, how was Georges W Bush pitch as pitching goes?



yes, I just located a pitch comparison at one of the blogs in my blogroll, Nuke Gingrich.

The URL:

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