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Sunday, July 19, 2009

More and More Bank Failures Under Obama

More bank failures and closures under Dear Leader His Excellency The Illegitimate and Illegal Prednint Barack Hussein Obama, Junior. Why, it was at the end of June that a record-setting 45 banks had closed.

    The 45 banks closed nationwide this year compare with 25 in all of 2008 and three in 2007.

Gee...25 banks closed in 2008 and three in 2007. Huh. I guess we didn't see such drastic closures of banks when W. Bush was in office. But in comes Barack "Barry Soetoro" The Kenyan and poof...banks fail and close at an alarming rate. Way to go, Barry, you're doing a Heckuva job!

four more banks to the closure list that were shut down on Friday. CNN:

    State regulators shut down four banks Friday, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation said.

    The bank were: First Piedmont Bank, based in Winder, Ga.; BankFirst, based in Sioux Falls, S.D.; Temecula Valley Bank of Temecula, Calif.; and Vineyard Bank of Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.

    Friday's actions bring the total number of closings for 2009 to 57.

    Georgia has claimed 10 of the casualties this year, more than any other state, according to David Barr, spokesperson for the FDIC.

You have to wonder if Dear Leader His Excellency is ordering his Fascist Minions to close down banks in Georgia because it was a Red State in the 2008 election. Barry wouldn't be that vengeful now, would he? You bet your ass he would. Why wouldn't he, when
he's doling out far more stimupork money to his favored Cultist Blue States than he is Red States?


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Irish president,mr Barry O'Bama, sure has a Chavez kind of way in dealing with the economy. It's like how a baby treats a diper.
Did you see the Ted Kennedy Irish Whiskey bottle I Pho-shopped a few posts down? "O'Bama" reminded me of the Irish.

Didn't Chavez recently say something to the effect of Barry being "too Socialist?" I'll have to research that later this week.
Yeah, I heard that too, but saddly I didn't post it in any of my blogs.
If even socialist dictator thinks that irish president Barry O'Bama is too much of a socialist, one has to wonder how come he managed to be elected in a free and mostly informed nation like the USA. Maybe the Obango media had something to do with, with the preciousd help of socialists like ACORN

yeah...ACORN...man, I am just the last person on earth to make the accusation that an election was stolen, but in the case of Obama, I think ACORN elected him through voter fraud.

ACORN registered Mickey Mouse and other fictional characters as voters. Dead people voted for Obama.

Of course, there NEVER is voter fraud when a Dem/Lib wins, only when a Reub wins.
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