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Friday, July 03, 2009

Michael Jackson's Funeral Set For Tuesday

Michael Jackson's funeral is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, July 7 according to TMZ:

    So finally we have something firm on Michael Jackson.

    On Tuesday morning a motorcade will go from Forest Lawn Mortuary in L.A. to the Staples Center complex in downtown Los Angeles where the public memorial will be held.

    We're told the family still hasn't decided whether the memorial will be at the Staples Center or the smaller Nokia Theatre. A decision on that is expected shortly.

Hollywood Industry reports that Debbie Rowe, mother of Michael's two eldest children, wants custody. Rowe, speaking to NBC4, said she will seek custody of the children. This could set off an intense legal battle between Rowe and Jackson's mother who Michael named as the guardian of his children in his will.

Music genius Quincy Jones says he is having trouble processing the death of Jackson, calling it "surreal." BBC News:

    Michael Jackson's music producer Quincy Jones has spoken of how the singer's death does still not feel real to him.

    On a visit to meet students at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff, Jones said: "I still don't know how to process it".

    "It's too surrealistic for me. I was 50 years of age when I produced Thriller, his age," said the 76-year-old.

    "I'd never in the world, in my wildest nightmares, dream he would leave before me," he told BBC Radio Wales.

Quincy will not attend Jackson's funeral. HollyScoop:

    Quincy Jones won’t be attending Michael Jackson’s funeral this coming Sunday. He was responsible for helping launch Jackson’s career, and the two were very close.


    "I won't go to any more funerals as long as I live. I can't handle it."

Arland Bruce's post-touchdown tribute to Michael Jackson

The Canadian Football League has
fined player Arlande Bruce for his post-touchdown tribute to Michael Jackson. Sports Illustrated:

    The Canadian Football League fined Toronto Argonauts receiver Arland Bruce for "excessive actions" during his tribute to Michael Jackson after scoring a touchdown.


    After scoring on a 21-yard pass that put Toronto ahead 6-0, Bruce removed his helmet, shoulder pads and uniform top, then laid down in the end zone. Bruce said he was honoring the memory of Jackson by pretending to be buried.

Michael's brother Jermaine says that he wishes it had been him who died, not Michael. E Online:

    Describing himself as Michael's "backbone," an emotional and frequently tearful Jermaine paid tribute to his little brother, and revealed what his surprisingly preferred outcome to last week's tragedy would have been.

    "He went too soon, he went too soon," he told Matt Lauer. "I don't know how people are gonna take this, but I wish it was me.

    "I've always felt that I was his backbone. Someone to be there for him. I was there and he was sort of like Moses. The things he couldn't say, I would say them. "

The Jackson family is in a lot of pain. I wish only the best for them. I like Jermaine, he's solid, he's what an older brother is supposed to be. Jackson's fans, understandably, still mourning. Face it, a legend and a superstar of the music industry has died. It's been a sad week. A very sad week.


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