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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Malia Obama Wears CND T Shirt;
Afghanistan Hits One-Year High Carnage

Malia Obama, daughter of Barack Hussein Junior and Michelle The Drunk aka Pickles The Dangerous Washerwoman Obama was photographed wearing a CND T Shirt: The Telegraph:

    Malia Obama, the eldest daughter of President Barack Obama, has been photographed wearing a T-shirt bearing the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament's symbol.

    She was spotted wearing two T-shirts bearing the CND logo as her father prepared for three days of talks at the G8 summit in Italy.

    She wore a grey T-shirt to visit the Colosseum in Rome with mother Michelle and sister Sasha, seven, and then appeared to have taken it off to reveal another top bearing the same logo.

    The symbol, designed for the CND in 1958, is now widely used to signify peace and is also an international sign for anti-war protesters.

Hmmmmm now...let's see. If she was wearing the CND T-Shirt, she was wearing it beneath a grey T-Shirt while visiting the Colosseum. Then, when the moment came to make a political statement, she removed the grey T, revealing the T-shirt with the CND logo. Both Obama girls are used a political tools and props, aren't they? Pathetic!

It's rich, though, that Malia is wearing a T-shirt with a peace sign, considering
her Warmongering dad's Military Occupation of Afghanistan and his Military Surge of over 20,000 additional Troops, has resulted in the worst carnage among U.S. Military deaths in over one year. Ooooooh...we're not supposed to draw attention to this now that the bloodshed and treasure is being run - disastrously - by Liberals, are we?

Oh, I know...some of you think I'm picking on the children of a politician. Well, no more and no less than The Left picks on the Palin children, the children of John Roberts or the Bush daughters.

Oh, Good Christ, if it had been one of the Bush daughters wearing a T like Malia, oh, Lordy Day how The Left would howl.

Mac Daddy Warmonger Obama's daughter wearing a peace-T while Afghanistan is Occupied and our Soldiers dying at record rates. Oh, the irony...the rich, sweet, chocolaty, nougaty, creamy, fudgy, caramel, whipped cream on top irony!

Does, "Bring The Troops Home Now," ring a bell? Anyone?


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What? No Che shirt? And to think I thought Che was the mass murdering hero of the left. My bad I guess.
Like most Libtards and children, she probably has no idea what the symbol on that shirt means. She probably thinks it's cool, because dirty hippies were cool. Apparently it's cool to be witless.
the new keffiyeh line comes out in the fall
Molson, really...where WAS THE CHE shirt! Ha. Honestly...the Che shirt was under the CND shirt?!?!?

Witless is the new Cool. The new Awesome. There's a T-shirt in there somewhere, or a bumper sticker. I like it.
Nuke, Exactly! It's was Arafat would be sporting if he were still alive.

Great to hear from you. Sorry I haven't visited lately. Time and other stuff, etc. Summer is so short. Dang, so great to hear from you. I promise I will stop by next week.
You said it. Nobody pimps out their children for campaign and policy purposes more than Obama and Michelle. They pimp Malia and Sasha out worse than the Clintons pimped out poor Chelsea.
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