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Thursday, July 02, 2009

In Defense Of Bernie Madoff

Here's my two-and-one-half cents on the entire Bernie Madoff story.

He bilked people and cheated them out of their money. He should pay, and he has with a sentence of 150 years. The sentence, I think, is absurd and ludicrous. Rapists and murderers receive lighter sentences.

The people he bilked were stupid. I'm sorry, they were...they were stupid. I heard many of those who lost their life savings on television saying they would receive their quarterly statement from Madoff and they couldn't make sense of it. They brought their statement to their tax preparer or accountant who told them they couldn't make sense of it either. Uh...HELLO...when a tax professional can't make sense of a financial statement, shouldn't that be a BIG TIP-OFF?

One other thing. There is one thing...and ONLY ONE THING...that led many of those who invested with Madoff to lose their life savings. Do you know what it is?

Do you?

It's one word.

Come on, I know my intelligent regular readers know it.

One word.


Greed is why these people lost their money. And we know that Greed is bad because The Left says so. And The Left is never wrong on issues like this.

Greed is why these people lost their life savings. They were stupid. And GREEDY. I find it hard to garner any compassion for them. Seriously. They were GREEDY. They lost their money. Many lost their life savings. All because of GREED. Tough cookies.


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Madoff is a hero.
He singlehandedly (practically) bankrupted the ACLU.
Look at the list of SUCKER Bolsheviks...
You hear Savage rant on and on about Madoff?? He is missing it, to the MAX.
Maybe Madoff wanted to rip the SOBS off.
Maybe he saw that they were the evil false Judah anti-Christs, and thought he would have a Jesus moment, and overturn the money-changers. Maybe even his family were little schmucks too! And he was planning this for years..
Look at the PDF file of evil left wing Bolsheviks..the world will be a better place:

Yeah, we are all crying our guts out for the poor dears, who are sobbing buckets and tears, and MOST of these PUTZ's put bigtime $$ into the Hussein Campaign.
The Mad Jewess
Thanks, MJ (I hope it's okay to address you as such, let me know if not).

I didn't know Savage/Wiener is whining about Madoff as I haven't listened to him for quite some time.

THANKS for the info on the WSJ pdf. That will be my reading for this evening.

Yeah...what really got me are the people on the national news and ABC Nightline who said, "we couldn't make heads or tails of our statement from Madoff and either could our tax preparers."

WELL WTF..THAT should have been the tip-off, as I wrote. IDIOTS. GREEDY IDIOTS. AVARICE personified.

I didn't know a lot of them gave to Hussein. He should give the money back to them, right? He'll do the right thing and do this. (NOT!)

Good for 'em. I agree.

Gosh, I love ya MJ and am so glad we found each other's blog. We have an issue or two (but no more than that) where we disagree (Michael Jackson and the coverage), but other than that we are on the same page on most issues. And even if we are not, we deal with it respectfully, intelligently and we civilly agree to disagree. If more people were like that, the world would be a better place.
You are correct sir. Madoff is a crook, but he is also a scapegoat to cover up the real crooks in Congress and of course Fraudy. Impeach! Indict! Incarcerate!
I grew up with Michael Jackson.
At the end of his life, he accepted Jesus Christ as his savior, so, he went to Heaven, I have nothing to say bad.

He didnt screw MY life up by taxing me, and ruin my nation. Madonna is a WAY bigger offender.
I debate with that b*tch CONSTANTLY. She hates Palin with a passion.

I like all of the things you write, and come here about 4x a week :)
I LOVE the way you dis the evil!
Shalom :)

Madoff is being scapegoated, I fully agree. He's taking the hit for so many not-yet convicted criminals in the body politic, who are likely never to be charged. The Goldman-Sachs crowd, the AIG'ers, etc etc.

Excellent excellent point.

Impeach! Indict! Incarcerate! And then...INCINERATE!
Me too MJ. Jackson's music as a solo artist and his brothers was my music too. While he only had a half-dozen or so songs that I like, I like them for reasons beyond his signing. They are orchestrated well (thanks to Q. Jones, another music genius), the horns, the big band, that driving, thumping bass line.

That WSJ pdf was fantastic. You are so right, there has to be a ton of people on that list who gave big money to Barry and the Liberals. Now they lost much of their investment. KARMA, sweet KARMA.

Yes, yes, - Jackson never authored any legislationt that took money out of our pocket involuntarily. He really is a symbol of the American Success Story.

Shalom back at you. Take care, always.
Shoot, imo right now, Jackson is an ANGEL, compared to the DEMONS that have raped and ravaged this nation.


That PDF file has some of the worst people in the PLANET on it.

ACLU!! HOORAY!! Speilberg, who has some G'D nerve.. making a moving like Schindlers List, and then turning around and using Tom Hanks (another liberFOOL idiot) to make a commercial to endorse HUSSEIN the foreign usurping MOSLEM dictator. Stupid Speilberg!


FREE BER-NIE! We need people like him, to RID us of these WICKED mongrel hordes.

As I wrote in a previous post, all he has to do is write a children's book, like mass murderer Tookie Williams did, and then, The Libs are contractually obligated to forgive Madoff, right?

That's all it takes for forgiveness. Write a Chldren's book.
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