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Saturday, August 01, 2009

I Paid for my own meal at The White House and They don't even have valet parking!

This story is so pathetic it could only germinate from a Tacky, Classless, Cheap Democrat Marxist who stole the White House. Only from a Marxist...only.

CEOs were charged and billed and had to pay for their own meals with Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein The Kenyan Obama, Junior. Politico:

    Four of the most powerful business leaders in America arrived at the White House one day last month for lunch with President Barack Obama, sitting down in his private dining room just steps from the Oval Office.

    But even for powerful CEOs, there’s no such thing as a free lunch: White House staffers collected credit card numbers for each executive and carefully billed them for the cost of the meal with the president.

    The White House defended the unusual move as a way to avoid conflicts of interest. But the Bush administration didn’t charge presidential guests for meals, one former official said, and at least one etiquette expert found the whole thing unseemly – suggesting it was a serious breach of protocol.

    “I’m sure they have their political reasons for doing that, but I think it’s not what quote, hospitality, unquote is all about,” said Letitia Baldrige, who headed Jacqueline Kennedy’s White House staff in the early 1960s. “We’ve got to relax about this. To have people to the White House and worry about the price of things is laughable.”

    “I don’t know what the menu was, but I’m sure it wasn’t braised pheasant,” she said.

    The White House did not say what was served for lunch or how much the attendees were charged. A spokeswoman said White House staff collected the credit card numbers separately from the event.


    [a] former senior Bush administration official said meals with the president were covered by official entertainment expenses that fall under the Executive Residence budget or the White House’s annual account. But the Bush administration was so sensitive about appearing cozy with corporate America that another former high-ranking official cannot recall a single instance of President Bush lunching with CEOs in the White House.

And therein lies the hypocrisy and Grand Double Standard that lives within the Liberal Elitists. W. Bush would have been excoriated for being seen having dinners with CEOs. The Kenyan receive the Coveted Free Pass.

You don't see Pbama taking out his personal credit card, paying for his weekly Wednesday night Toga, Crash and Burn Parties, do you? You know...the parties where Michelle really boozes it up? Yeah, those parties.

He's not my Classless, Etiquette-Challenged Führer!

What a lame ass that stole the 2008 presidential election. Why couldn't he have simply remained in his homeland of Kenya, and served in elected office there?


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"Why couldn't he have simply remained in his homeland of Kenya, and served in elected office there?"

Because his home land is filled with corruption and despotic dictators who believe in fanatic dogmas and undisputed so-called truth.

Eh, isn't it what he is doing with America these days (amer in French is sour and this is what America is turning into).
So you're saying he would have fit right in with the corrupt officials in Kenya, Tym? ;-)

His plans and policies are sad, Tym. No other country, except on that has been a dictatorship for decades would accept them. What scares me is how adamant his Cultists are. They are no different than how Nazis admired Adolf.
Tym don’t forget Obama’s first cousin Raila Odinga who created mass violence in attempting to overturn a legitimate election in 2007, in Kenya. It is the first widespread violence in decades. This how they do it and now Obama is trying to do it right here with corrupt buddies being turned into czars without even being vetted. It is sickening how people still line up for the Kool-Aid with a side communism….
This coming from a man who used public money for a "night out" with his affirmative action wife.
He uses public money to have dinner with his "first time proud to be an american" wife, but he can't pay one lousy dinner for CEOs.

The man has no class..

Remember that he was the one who gave DVDs to the brits. lol

Raila Odinga...you are so right, no one in the MSM brings him up and how Obama endorsed him. Thank you for reminding us. We all should be doing more to bring that issue up.

Yes, yes,...ha ha ha,....the unwatchable DVDs to Gordon Brown. Exactly! Tasteless, classless Barry. Yep. For sure.
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