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Friday, July 17, 2009

Drivers of Hybrid Cars Get More Tickets,
Have More Accidents, Says Study

Haughty, smug, Elitist Hybrid drivers get more tickets and are involved in more accidents than drivers in non-hybrid vehicles. Hybrid Cars.com:

    Hybrid drivers get more tickets and get into more accidents than drivers of conventional cars. That’s the conclusion of a new study of 360,000 vehicle insurance claims by San Francisco-based Quality Planning Corp. The results from Quality Planning, a unit of Insurance Services Offices Inc., call into question the discounts offered to hybrid drivers by major insurance companies.


    Owners of the Toyota Prius, for example, racked up 65 percent more traffic tickets than conventional drivers, according to the study. The typical hybrid owner is also more likely to be a woman and older than average. [(Cough, cough) Old Lezbo! (cough) - Drake].


    Quality Planning found that the cost to insurers of providing collision coverage for hybrids was 13 percent higher than for conventional vehicles, while non-collision-related damage was 17 percent higher—with larger hybrids taking most of the hit.

I think only Liberals and Pbama Cultists should be driving hybrid cars. That way, we know who to crash into and kill with our behemoth trucks and SUVs!

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I love to see a Prius, especially when I'm on the highway. I drive my Tahoe right up to their back bumper and scare the bejeezus out of them.
Glad to hear that, Groovy.

Are the Prius drivers you notice "older women?" With buzzcut hairdos and tip the scales at 375 pounds?



....so very.....

........my bad.
Ha ha ha ha....

Turds on wheels...turds on wheels...
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