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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cheney's Secret Plan Never Implemented

More hoopla and another attempt from The Left for another Dog and Pony Show.

The figure at their faux outrage is once again former VP Dick Cheney.

The issue is a secret plan and program, orchestrated by Cheney, to kill and/or capture al-Qaida leaders. From Salon, a hardly Right-of-Center publication:

    In the latest twist in a story that rocked Washington over the weekend, the Wall Street Journal reported today that the Central Intelligence Agency program recently shut down by current director Leon Panetta was an attempt to kill or capture al-Qaida leaders.


    What really kicked the story into high gear was the revelation that it had been Vice President Dick Cheney who instructed the CIA to keep the program hidden from Congress.


    However, it appears that the CIA abandoned the program to target al-Qaida officials after about six months and that it was never implemented.

The plan was abandoned and never implemented. The Insane Liberal Clown Posse and the Pbama Cultists are simply creating a diversion because Dear Leader's economy is sinking faster and deeper than anyone could have imagined.

This "secret plan" is the same old crap The Left dragged out about the so-called "outing" of Valerie Plame. Valerie Plame was not covert or undercover, so how could she be outed for something she wasn't? Oh...I know the LiberTards love to make everyone believe Plame was a 007, Jethro Bodine super duper undercover covert spy...but she wasn't.

Pretenders Joe Wilson and Valeria "Not a Covert Spy" Plame

Fred Rustmann, Plame's boss, said the following about her:

    [She] was never a so-called deep-cover NOC (Non-Official Cover), he said, meaning the agency did not create a complex cover story about her education, background, job, personal life and even hobbies and habits that would stand up to intense scrutiny by foreign governments. "[NOCs] are on corporate rolls, and if anybody calls the corporation, the secretary says, 'Yeah, he works for us,'" says Rustmann. "The degree of backstopping to a NOC's cover is a very good indication of how deep that cover really is."

And since Plame's degree of backstopping was pretty much non-existent, we can conclude that she was never ever ever an undercover spy, except in her own mind.

I guess The Left believes that when you call the CIA and ask about a certain agent, and then ask the CIA if that agent is undercover the CIA will tell you if he or she is. Yeah, that makes sense. I just wonder how an undercover agent stays covert when the CIA says, "no, she's not undercover."

Finally, let's not forget prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald knew who the person was who leaked about non-covert Plame being undercover. It wasn't Scooter Libby, it was Richard Armitage.

As with everything else, The Left continues to lie because they can't support themselves with facts.

I wish W. and Cheney had thrown a White House coup on January 20. We wouldn't be in the shit pile we're in now with Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior.


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