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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Biden Says We Misread The Economy and
Israel Has The Right To Attack Iran

Only about two weeks ago Herr Joe Biden said, "everyone guessed wrong on the stimulus."

This past Sunday, Herr Biden was at it again, saying "we misread the economy." US News:

    In an interview on ABC News' This Week, Vice President Joe Biden said that although the Administration relied on consensus economic forecasts in crafting its economic stimulus package, the White House erred in its assumption about the unemployment rate. Biden said, "The truth is, we and everyone else misread the economy."

Actually, Joe, not "everyone else" misread the economy. Plenty of us, who aren't entrenched D.C.-insiders like you knew what was going on. We're objective. We deal in facts. Unlike you, Herr Biden, and Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama, Junior and other LiberTards who know better, but whose primary agenda is promoting and furthering Liberalism/Marxism.

Herr Biden also said that the Obama Admin will not stand in the way of Israel if it decides to attack Iran.

Wow. This must really anger The Pillow-Biting Pbama Cultists and the Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP). They're always the ones who say any American politician who defends Israel is a Jew-lovin' Neocon. Huh. How 'bout that? I guess Obama and Biden are Jew-lovin', AIPAC-controlled Neocons.

Who knew...who knew?


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Salut David,

Comment ça va? Moi, ça va bien.

Anyhow, I just find it silly that Biden thinks that way. How embarrassing.

Best regards,

Biden...the man in who last years VP debate declared the US and France removed Hezbollah from Lebanon...and the Press barely noted his absurd and inaccurate declaration. But oh...if Palin had said that, it would have been treated entirely different.
Joe must wake-up everyday, shove his head far far up his ass, and say everything looks fine here and then believe everybody agrees with him. Thanks Joe for being the Liberal dick that you are. Now go do something useful and tell Fraudy to go fuck himself. You could blame it on the meds and get away with it.
And now the Pbama Admin is saying what Joe says isnt the official position. These fucktards couldn't get a wet dream right.

Aren't you glad they're in charge of our national defense?
What a pair: President Junior and gaffeman Biden.
Yes, dave, it must give the world a feelig of confort knowing that the breatest military power is in the hands of these two jokers.

Obango must be like "oh man, why did I pick him?!"

Then again, coming from mr "austrian language", and mr "57 states", I think they are good for one another.
Cheney Inc. is in charge of defense or so the Leftards keep saying. A bag of donkey shit has more cognitive ability than a Leftard.
Mats / Molson,

What a pair, indeed, huh? A pair of dipshits.

"And now the comedy team of Dumbass and Dumbass."

The Carter years will look good compared to these two. I was a kid then, and remember the long gas lines and gas rationing, and my dad bitching -rightfully so - about it.
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