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Monday, June 22, 2009

What To Do About Minnesota's
Deer Overpopulation?

The state of Manytaxes Minnesota has an explosion in its deer population. TwinCities.com:

    The state is the first in the country to quit putting up new "deer crossing" signs and to stop replacing worn-out ones because deer are crossing roads nearly everywhere — including busy stretches of Twin Cities interstates.


    "We have more deer in Minnesota now than we did when the pilgrims landed," said [said Pat Hahn of the motorcycle safety division at the state Department of Public Safety].

What to do...what to do?

Well, the state could call upon Ace Deer Hunter, Senator John "I served in Vietnam" Kerry who says his method of deer hunting is
to "crawl around on his stomach [trying to] decoy and outsmart the deer." Yeah, uh-huh...well...the state could call in Kerry. But no one hunts deer by rolling around crawling on their stomach trying to "outsmart" the deer. No one.

Minnesota is installing "flashing lights" to warn motorists of deer crossings. From the same
TwinCities.com story/link above:

    The [flashing lights] system set up along Minnesota 23 near Camden State Park decreased deer collisions by 57 percent over an 18-month study period, according to MnDOT. But the 0.9-mile system — featuring a wall of light beams that trigger flashing roadside lights to warn motorists when deer approach — cost $150,000 to build.

    The system could be expanded along stretches of highway near Racine and Winona in southern Minnesota. A Minneapolis consulting firm is putting together estimates to produce the system in standard — and cheaper — lengths.

    A more effective system — but equally unwieldy — would be to line Minnesota roads with unending stretches of 8-foot fencing, said Bob Weinholzer, MnDOT's state programs administrator and its unofficial "deer guy."

$150,000 for 0.9 miles.
No state agency pisses taxpayer money away like MnDot.

It seems to me the state needs an "Official Deer Guy" rather than an "Unofficial" one.

The state could extend the rifle and bow-hunting deer season which could entice more hunters to buy more licenses which would increase revenue. The state could bring bow hunters into areas where the deer population is increasing and...KILL THE DEER. But no, why choose to do something that makes sense and is cheaper than building a "wall of light beams" and 8-foot fences?

Oh, I know why the state doesn't want to kill the deer. Doing so may enrage the deer-lovers. The activists. The tree-fuckers.

The issue is an overpopulation of deer, not rerouting them or weak attempts to keep them corralled in certain areas or habitats. The herd needs to be thinned rather than warning drivers with a "wall of light beams" and attempts at keeping deer from crossing by erecting fences.

But we can't kill the deer. Oh, hell no. We just can't. Some day we might, but that day won't come until a deer-lover is injured or killed by crashing into a deer with their Smart Car or Prius.


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I can't believe this. Liberal are concerned because they don't know what to do with the over population of eatable herbivores? lollll

That's like a pack of lions saying "huh, we really don't know what to do with the over population of deers and antilopes!"

Liberalism warps the mind, man. Mark my words Dave, the days will come when people will look back and say "Did those people really exist?" lol
But deer meat is...meat. Kill 'em, skin 'em, take the meat and feed the hungry. Everyone benefits.

Jeezy Creezy, this is the same bunch of nuts who got pissy about Barry killing a fly. What's next? We can't drive our cars because of all the bugs that get smashed on automobile grills and windshields?
Mats - the tree and deer fuckers love them their...well, trees and deer.

I can't wait til some fuckTard Lib crashes into a deer and is injured for life or killed because they were behind the wheel of their little putt-putt car.

$150K for .9 miles of road. Yeah...that's money well spent.

I know. Buy the deer condoms!!?
Groovy, Groovy, Groovy....please...don't give the LiberTards ideas ;-)

We can't drive our cars because of all the bugs that get smashed on automobile grills and windshields?

I can see the fly-deer-tree-lovers pushing for that type of legislation.
You want to control the deer population in MN?

Neuter Frankin.
HA! Molson - so that's whose been knocking up - er..RAPING the deer. I better call the Dept of Natural Resources and report him!

Every tax payer of Minnesota should own a few in their living room just like you are doing yourself.

The motto should be, keep a deer in your living room, keep the roads safe.

Way to go David, with the 4 deers you have in your living room, you must have saved 2-3 lives already, a few hobos behind the wheel too drunk to figure out there is a deer in the middle of the road.
HA, Tym. The only way I would have a deer in my house is if it's head were mounted and it was at least a 12 point or more buck.

$166,667 dollars per tenth of a mile for their "Wall of lights". What a pile of manure.
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