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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sotomayor Makes Capitol Rounds

Bork her. Just Bork this bitch.

Sonia Sotocunt made the rounds at the Capitol, sucking up for approval and confirmation as a future Affirmative Action Justice on the Supreme Court. The NYT:

    ...Judge Sonia Sotomayor began making the rounds of the Capitol to discuss her nomination to the Supreme Court with top Senate leaders...


    [Senate Majority Leader (heh...Leader - Drake) CommieCrat Harry Reid] said, "Your life story is so compelling.”

WHAT compelling story? She had a tough childhood. Boo Hoo. Is she the only one?

Little is mentioned or publicized that her teen years were spent in a nice middle class neighborhood. APee:

    Sotomayor did not live her entire childhood in a housing project in the South Bronx — she spent most of her teenage years in a middle-class neighborhood, attending private school and winning scholarships to Princeton and then Yale.

Bork this bitch. Bork her good.


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Bork her from behind. With a face like that, a frontal Borking is entirely out of the question.
Scat-o-mayor made the rounds at Capital Hill? Jesus, How many pairs of knee pads and dark double layered bags did she go through? Guy Cimbalo recently published in Playboy his top ten conservative women he would like to hate f**k and that caused quite a stir. Scat-o-mayor would be on my list of progressive liberals who I definately would not want to do that to!! Ok, maybe I would hire that Tijuana donkey to do it.
Molson, Theodore -

She's the kind of woman who, after you fuck her, you spit on her face and tell her she disgusts you.

Oh...my bad.....my so so so bad.

Did I just write what I think I did? ;-)
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