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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rev. Wright Says Them Jews Won't
Let Obama Talk To Me.

More raging and ranting from the Number One America-Hating Preacher, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Wright, you recall, was the leader of the church that Barack Hussein Obama, Junior attended for twenty years.

Wright, you recall, delivered sermons that blamed America for almost all of the world's ills, blamed America for September 11, blamed America for dropping bombs on Japan, and, among many other things, referred to Italians as "Garlic-nosed," and denounced Israel and Jews whenever he had the chance.

Well, ole Rev. Reich is at it again, this time on tape saying, "Them Jews won't let Obama talk to me." Click on the link and hear his words for yourself. RCP has the audio.

Yeah, Jerry, blame the Jews because your years of foul mouth and hate-speech would give any politician a reason to distance themself from you. Blame the Jews, not yourself Jerry - hell, that would mean taking responsibility for your words and actions, and we all know that that is anathema to Liberals.

The Jews keeping Obama from talking with Rev. Wright...well that certainly doesn't say very much, or speak very well for Obama, does it? I mean, if Obama is a puppet of the Jews then he's no different than George W. Bush, right? This is what The Left said about Bush, that he was controlled by the Jews.

Remember, AIPAC , the pro Israel Lobby that is hated by The Left, gave Obama an A+ grade.

Blame the Jews. How unoriginal.

Obama: A Tool of The Jews. Who knew...who knew?


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Hey DD, trip huh? LOL
The SWEET thoughtful preacher...hahaha.
Good thing for me, You know I am Messianic?? ...MY BAD..
He is really a terrible evil fake ass SOB-Obama, we are in trouble, and the KOMMIE RAT is just giving out our secrets and the USA is reprobate, and its late, and I could just PUKE.
Bless you DD ;)
The Mad Jewess
What? Reverend Wright? I thought he was still under the Bama bus. Eric Cartman would agree, it's the Jews fault. They probably had a hand in global warming too. Thank goodness we have the Leftards to protect the world from the Jews.
Mad Jewess,

Hello my friend! Thanks for the comment. (Been busy these days, sorry I have not stopped by and visited you as often as I should).

Yes, we have the "goofy Jew-hatin' uncle" who comes over for Thanksgiving dinner back in our lives again, at least for a moment, huh?

'Course anti-Semitism is the current rage again among the Socialists, just like it was in the 1940s. Those Liberals can't help themselves from hating on the Jews and Israel, can they? Meanwhile, they intentionally ignore incremental Sharia law and a jagged and rusty knife being held to their jugular.

Ahhhhhhh....Liberals. Can't live with them. Can't live with them.

Bless you back MJ.

It is Cartman-esque! Heh. Forgot all about that. It IS the Jews fault. I blame them for my poor digital television reception. It's a plot straight out of The Protocols, damn it!

Honestly, what does it say about Obama, that his previous spiritual leader says the Jews control him and won't let him talk to him. What absurdity and insanity. Maybe Rev. Reich smoke one too many doobies laced with PCP?

If all we had to fear were the Jews, the world would be a pretty damn peaceful place.
It's them Jews! Them damn Jews! They be keepin' the Man down! They controllin' the Black Man in the White House! We won't be slaves to the Jewish Masters! Hell No! God Damn America and God Damn Israel!
Are you the real Rev.Wright? Because you sound just like him.
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