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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Penguins Tie Up Series With Detroit 3-3

The Stanley Cup boils down to Game Seven.

The Penguins won Game Six in Pittsburgh. Final score: Pittsburgh 2, Detroit 1. No goals in the third period, which was a nail-biter for Pens fans.

Game Seven is Friday night, in Detroit.

Writing at the NY Time's Fifth Down (heh...Fifth Down...how jocular - NOT) KC Joyner, who admits he prefers the NBA Finals (me: yawn) to the NHL Stanley Cup but will reluctantly watch it, is upset with inconsistent officiating by the referees in the NHL:

    As a lifelong Red Wings fan, I have to say that I’ve very much enjoyed this year’s playoffs, but the overriding feeling I’ve had in the first six games of the finals is being appalled at the ineptness of the officiating.


    What may be most troubling about the inconsistency is how many commentators seem to be glossing over the issue or, even worse, giving it a blind eye altogether.


    [Joyner's wife] so upset over what she perceives to be one-sided officiating that she almost does not want to watch Game 7. It isn’t the fear of a loss that is causing it but rather that the officials will lean heavily in Pittsburgh’s favor so that the Gretzky-in-waiting (Sidney Crosby) will be assured of holding up Lord Stanley’s Cup.

I agree this series has had inconsistencies in officiating and the commentators have said virtually nothing about it.

But if KC (...shake, shake, shake - shake, shake, shake - shaky your booty...) and his wife think that the officiating has been leaning favorably towards Pittsburgh...I have to ask them what game are they watching? I want to sit down with the Joyners and smoke some of their Chronic with them. It must be some really, hardcore, kick-ass shit. The officiating has been far more advantageous to the Red Wings and far more penalizing toward the Penguins.

Game Seven, Friday night.

Detroit? Or The Penguins?

Predictions? Final score? Anyone? Leave a comment.



Red Wing 3, Penguins 2
EC...you heretic!

It's going to be either a tight game, or a blow out, and if its a blow out, I don't mean by Pittsburgh. I'd like to see the Pens win. I don't know that they will.
Attention everyone,

I would like to take a moment to rub EC's face into his terrible and obviously wrong prediction of the Stanley Cup series outcome.


Eat it, EC. Eat your miserably miscalculated prognostication. ;-)
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