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Friday, June 05, 2009

Penguins Even Series With Red Wings;
Reset The Clock, It's A 2-2 Series;

The Pittsburgh Penguins went into game four and down one game to the Red Wings two games after the Pens won game three. Playing at home has its positive effects (or maybe the ice is just nicer for the Penguins in Pittsburgh?), and the Pens won both games three and four. Detroit, just to recap, won games one and two at home.

Reset the clock Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! The series is tied two games apiece.

Sidney Crosby had his first goal in this playoff in the second period. Booyah Baby, just fucking Booyah!

Evgeni Malkin put the Pens ahead a few minutes into the first period but Red Wing Darren Helm tied it up shortly before two minutes before the end of the period.

Detroit took a 2-1 lead almost immediately at the beginning of the second period, but Pittsburgh's Jordan Staal matched it and tied the score 2-2. Then Crosby made it 3-2 scoring off an assist from Malkin.

Six minutes before the end of the period, Penguin Tyler Kennedy - one of the NHL 2008 Young Stars Team - scored on Detroit goalie Chris Osgood giving Pittsburgh a 4-2 lead, and that is where the score remained for the rest of the game and through a scoreless third period. Yes, yes - you read that right - a scoreless third period.

Game five is Saturday night and it takes place in Detroit at Joe Louis Arena.

This series is a referendum for the Penguins on last year's series. They lost last year to Detroit. They shouldn't have, but they did. Detroit was the better team last year, but Pittsburgh could have beaten them. A small part of me died when the Penguins lost last year. I'm sure many Penguin fans - not to mention the actual players themselves and coach (a different one) - had a part of them die too last year. The pressure on the Penguins must be enormous with this series. They know Detroit will not rest on its laurels, content to be last season's Cup winner.

If the Pens can maintain their concentration and what appeared to be completely renewed physical endurance they found playing at home in games three and four...

...I can't and I won't make any predictions. Hockey is too important and sacred for me to do that.



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