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Friday, June 12, 2009

Obama's Shoes On Desk Offends Israel

From World Bulletin:

    A photograph of President Barack Obama taken during the phone conversation with Jewish State's Primer Benjamin Netanyahu has "offened" [sic] some Israelis, reports said.

    White House photographer Pete Sousa on Monday snapped a photo of the president while he talked on the phone with Netanyahu, Huffington Post said.

    The photo shows Obama sitting with his feet propped on his desk, holding the receiver on his hand. To some Israelis, however, the photo is offensive and an "insult" to Israel.

And from The Daily Voice:

    ...some Israelis see the official White House photograph as an insult.

    But isn't that an Arab tradition, not an Israeli one? Well, yes, apparently, but things are often more complicated than meets the eye in the region. "It is not a Jewish custom necessarily, but Israel feels enough a part of the Middle East after 60 years to be insulted too," CBS News reported.

    It also doesn't help that the photo was released in the same climate in which President Obama has pushed Israel farther than past presidents to suspend the expansion of settlements in the West Bank.

This was no casual decision for the All-Knowing Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Crack Cocaine Hussein Obama, Junior. He knew exactly what he was doing and implied exactly what the wanted to for the photo. His posture was a deliberate choice, one made to dis (or diss, if you prefer) Israel and, what he considers, those pesky Jews.


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Those pesky jews. Always complaining. Why won't they just leave "Palestine" and get back to the oven? I mean back to europe? Freudian slip there. Sorry.

On a serious note, kenyan president Obango Hussein Junior would never do such a thing to his muslim brothers in the faith.

I wonder what american jews think of this.
For those who might not remember, the "get back to the oven" line was first said by a muslim woman in a leftist demonstration.
What do you expect from him else than things like that exactly?

Jeez, Jews who voted for him must have the same feeling as some Germany Jews in the 1930s voting for Hitler.

But for cultists, Obama is incapable of making mistakes even when he makes one. He is right even when he is wrong, in other words, he is an incontestable god.

That's what the tele-scripts said and when it says such a thing, it
is right. Impossible for the extreme leftists to recognize that though.
yes, I am deeply offended at this photo of such disrespect for Prime minister Netanyahu, the leader of the country of Israel , fighting for its' existence. Could it be that obama is miffed because Netanyahu did not agree with accepeting Palestine as a two party state??? The arrogance and the lack of respect for the leader of another great county, and the oval office,[ feet on the
desk }like he's at a picnic or a hoedown,or a Harlem get-together. He offends every president we've ever had who sat in that same office with great respect, and without a doubt, every true American. His arrogance shows his sublime ignorance,lack of experience, and obvious inability to handle the duties of the highest office in the nation.
Mats, Tym and Anony,

Thanks for your comments, all which echo the lack of respect Pbama has for the office and institution of the presidency. We already know he hates the country, he's in the process of ruining it and dissing our Allies is just part of his agenda.

...and we might add: while the leftists are applauding in awe like dumbasses claiming he did not make one single mistake in all his first 6 months.

Utterly pathetic indeed. Those leftists see only what they want to see. A god coming to save their sorry and lazy asses from their own wrongdoings, the something for nothing bunch blaming it always on George W Bush.
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