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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Obama's Poll Numbers Dropping

Barack Hussein Obama, Junior's poll numbers are NOT good, according to the most recent Rasmussen poll tracking:

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that 33% of the nation's voters now Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Thirty-four percent (34%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -1. Today is the second straight day the President’s rating has been below zero (see trends).


    Most voters still place the blame for our nation’s economic woes on the Bush Administration, but a growing number say it’s Obama’s economy now. The number blaming Bush has fallen to 54%. That’s down eight points from a month ago.

    Consumer confidence, while still up since the beginning of the year, has retreated to its lowest level in two months.

Let's review: 34% Strongly Disapprove. 33% Strongly Approve. Consumer confidence is at its lowest level in two months.

Who's been in the White House for the past two months? Anyone...I don't see any Pbama Pillow-Biting Cultists raising their hands to answer this. I wonder why?

Heckuva of job, there, Barry. Heckuva job!

Blame Barry. It's his economy.

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Wait until the MILITARY finds out that the tobacco legislation that Obama signed removes the match for their Thrift Savings Plan and the federal employees got screwed with their retirement, too.

I cannot find the actual verbiage though, just a vague summary. HR-1256 is the bill that moved forward, but I can't find the actual final product.

Oooooooh....THAT might get a fire burning under the asses of Pbama Cultists who think he's the greatest thing since...since...EVER!
Uh oh. Sounds like it's time to open the FEMA reeducation camps. Oh and remember kiddies, the dysentery is free.
Molson, I love that line..."the dysentery is free." Fantastic.
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