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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Obama's Doctor Against Socialized Healthcare

Barack Hussein Obama, Junior's (previous) medical doctor is not a fan of ObamaCare.

From Forbes:

    David Scheiner, an internist based in the Chicago neighborhood of Hyde Park, has a diverse practice of lower-income adults from the nearby housing projects mixed with famous patients like U.S. Sen. Carol Mosely Braun, the late writer Studs Terkel and, most notably, President Barack Obama.

    Scheiner, 71, was Obama's doctor from 1987 until he entered the White House; he vouched for the then-candidate's "excellent health" in a letter last year. He's still an enthusiastic Obama supporter, but he worries about whether the health care legislation currently making its way through Congress will actually do any good, particularly for doctors like himself who practice general medicine. "I'm not sure he really understands what we face in primary care," Scheiner says.

    Scheiner takes a few other shots too. Looking at Obama's team of health advisors, Scheiner doesn't see anyone who's actually in the trenches. "I have a suspicion they pick people from the top echelon of medicine, people who write about it but haven't been struggling in it," he says.

    Scheiner is critical of Obama's pick for Health and Human Services secretary--Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, who used to work as the chief lobbyist for her state's trial lawyers association.

    "He doesn't see all the pain, it's so tragic out here," he says. "Obama's wonderful, but on this one I'm not sure if he's getting the right input."

No...ole Barry doesn't see the pain or tragedy because he lives inside an isolated Bubble of Elitism and Hubris.

The doctor's money quote is this: "I have a suspicion they pick people from the top echelon of medicine, people who write about it but haven't been struggling in it." What a great quote. So true, so very true, accurate and totally applicable to Pbama and his Fascist and Elitist Regime.

Obama, in no time flat, will throw Dr. Scheiner under the bus saying, "that's not the Doctor Scheiner that I knew."

Obama prefers the type of medical care provided by the likes of Dr. Josef Mengele.

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Did you read far enough into the article to see that Obama's doctor objects to ObamaCare because he supports a single payer system and doesn't think Obama is going far enough.
Better supersize that bus. Dr. Scheiner actually tries to save human life instead of aborting it. Fraudy doesn't like that.
Ron, yes I did. Please explain how that negates the doctor's criticism of Obama?

Man, you Obama Cultists just split the most infinite hairs. If it were the doc of a Repub/Conservative president, all you see if plain black and white.

Your Cult Leader is perfect in your myopic eyes, isn't he Ron?

Supersize the bus indeed, and probably time to buy some new, industrial strength tires. Those tires must be bald by now having run over so many former close friends and associates.

The name of your blog is Liberal Values? Heh! Isn't that an oxymoron? Or do you mean values like onerous taxes, butting into the personal lives of private citizens and worshipping at The Altar of Abortion?

Hey, who am I to criticize the name of someone else's blog. My url name mrssatan refers to my pet name for Hillary Clinton. Worst. URL. Name. I could have possibly picked. Don't know what I was thinking.
Oh? Even Obango's fans can see that he is an empty suit? Does the good doctor mean that the people President Affirmative Action Hussein Obango Junior picked were elitist with no practice in the actual job

Man, who would have know that a rich, half-white, half-black, Harvard educated comunist, would be an elitist?
I wonder if Obango Junior will fire the good doctor too.
I dunno, Mats.

Ron at "Liberal Values" says guys like me are the ones who don't fully comprehend the Greatness of The Illinois Muslim and his wonderful plans he has for America.

We are not to question or examine Pbama or his policies. Like Tony Bennett said, "we should just listen and do what Obama tells us."

That's great advice. That's what supporters of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Mugabe and others said about their Cult Leader too.
Those wonderful plans the left seems to alude has left over 2 million with no job in just 6 months.

What does Hussein Junior has to do in order for people to know he is a fraud? Be caught burning the amrican flag?

Now would be a good time for Conservatives, Repubs, Indies, Libertarians to START burning the U.S. Flag. Of course, they (we) have too much respect for it to do so, unlike the Left.

The Carter years are going to start looking like the good old days in few more months, huh?
True that, Dave. I am not american, but I have a great of respect for the Old Glory.
Many good souls (liberals and conservatives alike) have given their lives to free people from oppression under the banner of the US flag.

But anyway, the point was that Obango Hussein Junior's "wonderful plans" are a sham, as you have shown in here. His worshipers can't see the truth bkz they are blinded by his stench. I mean, blinded by his light.

(Freudian slip there.) ;-D
Many good souls (liberals and conservatives alike) have given their lives to free people from oppression under the banner of the US flag.

That is very true, Mats. I did not mean to give the impression that Democrats have not given their lives for freedom. Gee, I hope that's not how I came across.

I think you were right the first time, with "stench", not "light." ;-)
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