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Monday, June 15, 2009

Obama Grants Miranda Rights To Terrorists

God forbid someone who wants to kill a U.S. or Allied Soldier or cause havoc and destruction with a bomb or IED NOT be aware of their rights.

Barack Hussein Obama, Junior implements Miranda Rights for terrorists. IBD:

    It seemed absurd: A terrorist being told that he had "the right to remain silent ..." as he was captured on the battlefield. Surely that would never happen. But now a U.S. congressman believes it's happening in Afghanistan, likely by order of the Justice Department.

    Rep. Mike Rogers, a Michigan Republican and credible veteran of the Army and FBI, says that he has watched the Mirandizing of terrorist suspects. If so, the practice severely handicaps this country's effort to wipe out terrorism.

    The Miranda warning is based on the Constitution's Fifth Amendment, which guarantees criminal suspects the right to not self-incriminate, or testify against themselves, as well as the right to an attorney who can be present during questioning.

    Less than three months ago, President Obama clearly staked out his position on Mirandizing terrorist detainees.

    "Do these folks deserve Miranda rights?" he asked CBS' Steve Kroft during a March 22 "60 Minutes" interview. "Do they deserve to be treated like a shoplifter down the block? Of course not."

    When pressed about speculation that the administration has made a significant policy shift on Mirandizing suspected terrorists, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was coy, saying he had "no reason to disbelieve a member of Congress."

    Asked on a follow-up question if it would be "a surprise at the White House" if the Mirandizing was taking place, Gibbs said: "It's not a surprise to me."

    That's an unmistakable admission that the administration has, in fact, changed course and is now treating terrorism as it would domestic crime. Now it's just a nuisance, reduced, as Sen. John Kerry was hoping for in 2004, to an offense that has to be endured like prostitution and gambling.

    And here we thought it was about life, death and the preservation of America and Western civilization.

    If Rogers is right, forget waterboarding. A Mirandized terrorism detainee cannot even be interrogated. A hostile combatant who might have information that can save lives on a foreign battlefield or in an American city has the option, one he is sure to take, to just remain silent — that is, until he begins to taunt his interrogators while his lawyer is present.

    What if Khalid Sheikh Mohammed had been Mirandized rather than waterboarded? He reportedly told his captors that "I'll talk to you guys after I get to New York and see my lawyer." But instead of huddling with an attorney, he rode the waterboard and gave up information that saved American lives.

Obama: Criminalizing American Citizens and Citizenizing Terrorists.
He's not my Führer!

You Obama Cultists out there...you like it when your Leader lies to you, don't you? You're like the physically abused wife who stays with her man because she rationalizes, "he's all I've got." So you take the abuse like the bitches you are and remain steeped in denial.

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Perpetrators of man caused disasters have rights too. It's not like they killed some abortion doctor or anything. Now that's terrorism.
Molson...yeah...that "man caused disaster" euphemism from NapoliCOWno. What a piece of crap. What absurd and twisted logic.

You're right. The Left fear Catholics, Jews, Christians, etc far more than anyone who actually says and advocates, "death to America."

And Scot Roeder. Whew, yes, he is a terrorist. Not some radical Islamist.
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