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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Obama Receives Grades of A's and F's

The image above is from U.S. News and World Report which asked readers to grade the performance of Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein The Kenyan Obama, Junior.

I saved the above image on Thursday, June 18. If you click on the link, the vote tally is basically the same.

Of those responding to the poll, 35 percent gave Obama an A+ and about 35 percent gave him an F-minus.

I voted in the poll. I gave him an F-minus.

In related news, only six percent of Israeli Jews view Obama as pro-Israel. The Jerusalem Post:

    Only 6 percent of Jewish Israelis consider the views of American President Barack Obama's administration pro-Israel, according to a new Jerusalem Post-sponsored Smith Research poll.


    50% of those sampled consider the policies of Obama's administration more pro-Palestinian than pro-Israeli[.]


    The numbers were a stark contrast to the last poll published May 17, on the eve of the meeting between Netanyahu and Obama at the White House. In that poll, 31% labeled the Obama administration pro-Israel, 14% considered it pro-Palestinian[.]

See, he really is a Divider and not a Uniter!


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F-, wow, you're being too generous here.

Personnally, I would have gave him a Z-.

Unfortunately, there is not enough letters in the alphabet to go lower.

Looks like Americans are deeply divided eh?

Fortunately, the news have not came to Canada yet and sphincters leftists reporters are still in awe in front of Pbama, the kenyian imposter, aura.

"F-,...too generous." Heh! Well, it was the lowest grade option available.

The poll does show Americans divided, at least those who responded to the poll.

Again, to reiterate my basic position and what I believe many others have like mine - there is not personal hatred directed to Obama, but an extreme displeasure with his policies and his politics.

I don't like the guy, but I don't hate him, unlike The Left who made no attempt to hide - and did everything they could to entice and encourage other to hate him - their hatred of Bush.

I don't hate the guy neither, I just don't think he is up to the job.

In fact, most Canadians love Obama because deep down, they are anti-americans haters.

I would never wish Obama nor his democrats bunch of amateur démagogues to my worst enemy ever but in the minds of the extreme left in Canada and in Europe, Pbama is the perfect rotten poison gift to give to USA. (gift in German means poison btw).

Besides Obama is dull as hell since he's got elected. His strategy is to get us hypnotized so we fall asleep and we end up thinking the bullshit and mumbo jumbo he just told us must be intelligent and must hold some kind of truths. He is soooo boring that he makes George W Bush looks like a rock star in front of teenage girls and George was not THAT interesting.

But at least when George spoke, everyone understood and HE definitely made sure to SEND a CLEAR message to USA and the world.

The complete opposite of Fraudy ambiguous Pbama who tries to be everything to everyone (sounds like Everclear doesn't it?).
I don't hate the guy neither, I just don't think he is up to the job.

Oh, Tym, my apologies, I certainly did not mean or imply that you hated him as a person. Not at all. I hope that you did not interpret what I wrote as such.

Pbama is more a celebrity than a president. Shit, W. Bush wasn't supposed to work out or play golf or take a vacation according to The Left. But now, Obama works out 3 hours a day, takes vacations, flies on taxpayer money to NYC for a night on the town with his wife (who was never proud of her country), he golfs...if only Bush had possessed the Coveted Free Pass. But he is not a Liberal.

Pbama does sound like Everclear! HA! That is most excellent humor!
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