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Friday, June 12, 2009

Majority of Americans Favor No
Further Stimupork Spending

STOP THE ABSURD, INSANE, CRAZY SPENDING, is what the American people are saying!



From The Washington Times:

    Nearly half of Americans say in a new survey that the government should stop spending the remainder of the Obama administration's $787 billion economic stimulus package, and doubt that the spending will create new jobs.

    The Rasmussen Reports survey released Wednesday showed that 45 percent of those polled think President Obama should turn off the federal spending spigot - despite the fact that the administration has spent just $36 billion of the economic rescue package, or about4.5 percent.

    About 36 percent of respondents think the government should keep spending the money and 20 percent were not sure, according to the telephone survey.

    The results should hearten Republican lawmakers who want to claw back the more than $700 billion in unspent stimulus money to slash this year's nearly $2 trillion annual deficit.


    The survey showed that 48 percent said the stimulus spending does not create jobs, while 31 percent said it did and 21 percent were not sure.

Don't worry. Count on Barry to usher in Teh Gloom and Doom.


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