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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Left Screams RECOUNT In Iran,
But NOT in Minnesota!

At some point, rational people will reach the conclusion that Progressives and Liberals ARE IDIOTS and HYPOCRITES. If you never reach this conclusion, you are, without any doubt, a raging, fact-denying Liberal or Progressive.

The Liberals and Progressives are Batshit crazy that all votes in Iran be counted, actually recounted. "EVERY VOTE COUNTS," is their mantra.

Yet, there are over 4,400 absentee votes in the Minnesota U.S. Senate race between Republican Incumbent Senator Norm Coleman and Fascist Goose-Stepping Hate Monger/Smear Merchant challenger Al "Rape is funny" Franken. The Left DOES NOT WANT TO COUNT THESE 4,400 VOTES.

"EVERY VOTE COUNTS?" No, that only applies when a Democrat loses an election. When a Republican wins, The Left says the election was "stolen."

It was the same in the November 2000 presidential election between George W. Bush and Albert "I invented the internet" Gore, Junior. Gore didn't want absentee Military ballots to be counted and he only wanted recounts in counties he knew would be favorable to his vote count. The Left supports the Military...yeah...uh-huh, it's just that The Left doesn't want to count their votes.

Coleman won on election night November 2008. He won the immediate recount. Once the difference between the number of votes was known, it became for Franken a matter of "how many votes do we need to manufacture to win?" Then, magically, boxes of ballots were "discovered" that hadn't been turned in. Oddly, a couple of these "missing" ballot boxes were in Minneapolis precincts that lean Left and would favor Franken.

"Every Vote Counts!" Another meaningless platitude from The Marxists.

And I'll add this in case it's the first time you're reading my blog and reading about this Senate race: I didn't vote for Coleman in 2008 bid for re-election. I voted for a Third Party.


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