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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gorilla Gets A Knife

Magilla Gorilla gets a knife?

From Red Orbit:

    An Official at the Calgary Zoo in Canada say the gorilla that visitors had photographed holding a knife had no intent for violence.

    The photos showed Barika, the gorilla, holding the blade and pointing it at another gorilla in her cage.

    The knife was left behind by a zookeeper who had entered the cage to prepare food, Cathy Gaviller, the zoo's director of conservation, education and research, said.


    ...primates will pick up new items in their cages because they are curious, but they quickly get bored if they cannot eat the object or figure out a use for it, she said.


    Gorillas do use tools in captivity, but they have no concept of using weapons and would have never thought to be violent with a knife, Gaviller said.

How does she know gorillas have no concept of using weapons? Didn't she see the "Planet of The Apes" movies?


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A gorilla will take 2 seconds to figure out that this sharp thing with a metal blade can help him do a lot of things, bad and evil.

It doesn't take a zoologist and 12 years of PHD studies to figure that one out.
Tym, I agree with you.

I think the the "zoo's director of conservation, education and research" is making a statement that is more geared to political-animal correctness than it is factual.

In fact, I once witnessed in Florida a medium sized poodle in a back yard successfully using nunchucks to defend itself against a 10-foot long wayward alligator that thought of the poodle as a mid-day snack.
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