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Monday, June 15, 2009

Fat Broad On Electric Scooter Demands Burgers From Drive-Through Lane

The story is in the Minneapolis Red Star North Korean Tribune (MRSNKT). If the link brings you to a "register for free before we let you read the story" page, just do a search on the words: St. Paul, White Castle, scooter. You'll see the subheading of the MRSNKT's "Whistleblower."

A 37-year old woman on a mobility scooter was denied her order at a White Castle drive-though because, as most restaurants with a drive-though, food service from that lane is only for licensed motor vehicles.

She decided to take her sad burger-deprived story to the Minnesota Disability Law Center which is deliberating on whether or not to take her case. The story states that an attorney with the law center views the drive-through lane policy of "licensed motor vehicles only" as inconsistent with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

According to the story, the scooter lady has degenerative arthritis in her back. I'm only basing what I'm about to say on the pictures of her included in the story and the video of her at the MRSNKT: I'm sure that because she - at least to me - appears to tip the scale at over 300 pounds has nothing to do with her physical condition or that she rides a scooter. Or that, other than those rare occasions where she opts for a fast-food-meal, she enjoys a nutritional, healthy, low fat diet and gets plenty of physical and cardio exercise.

Oh, and if you haven't clicked on the link and read the full story, let me add that it says the scooter lady's attempt of ordering food from the drive-thought lane at White Castle occurred well after midnight.

Fat Butt on chair is not that of Fat Broad on Scooter.
Representational only. Not a true facsimile of Fat Broad on Scooter.

From the MRSNKT:

    [The scooter lady] thinks that [motor vehicle only drive-through policies] do a disservice to everybody without a car. She's not interested in money for her inconvenience. She wants the fast-food giants to serve every customer regardless of mode of transport whenever they're open.

    "They pissed off the wrong person," she said.

Here's an idea: maybe the drive-though lanes at restaurants should post, in several places, that for safety, they can only serve customers at the drive-up window who are in licensed motor vehicles. Oh, wait, they do that already. Fat Broad on a Scooter has never seen those postings ever.

Someone on a scooter in a fast-food restaurant drive-though lane is struck by a car and injured or killed and boom, there's a lawsuit any ambulance chaser will take on a contingency basis. The restaurant, fearing an endless and costly trial, settles out of court for X amount of dollars. Who pays? Well, you do the next time you patronize any restaurant with a drive-though lane.

There has to be reasonable accommodations for public safety. There has to be reasonable accommodations for Americans with disabilities. The obvious reasonable choice is not mixing scooters, cars and trucks at the drive-through.

Is it reasonable to expect that restaurants service non-motorized vehicles from the drive-though lane as they do legally defined motor vehicles? The answer is crystal clear for me. What about you?

If you're wondering why I did not mention the Fat Broad's name in my post, the answer is I consider her litigious and I'm staying as removed from the specifics as possible. I could, and would, argue my own case that the moment her story and her name appeared in the news she became a public person, giving up rights to private citizen privileges, but I'm not taking any chances.

Hell hath no fury like a Fat Broad on a Scooter denied her White Castle.


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It's one thing to deny her the White Castle, but if you get between her and the White Castle, your ass is soylent green.
Scooter Lady has to have those White Castle midnight cravings satiated, doesn't she? And by god, she DEMANDS service from the Drive Thru lane on her Scooter.

Lady, get off your ass and WALK around the block. Eat a celery stick or have a salad.
Wal-Mart and grocery stores carry White Castle hamburgers in the freezer section. Guess she doesn't want to go through the trouble of nuking them.
Alexandra - yes! lol! I forgot that Wal Mart and other stores (I think I've seen them in the frozen section at Target too) carry White Castle.

Great point. Thanks for adding such a great point.
I believe that she does have a medical condition. I also believe that medical condition limits her ability to exercise and is a contributing factor to her weight.
There is no way this policy violates the ADA. ADA recquires REASONABLE ACCOMODATIONS for individuals with a disability. It is reasonable that she could ask a friend or relative to drive her to White Castle, or for her to patronize an establishment that has a walk in (or scoot in) open at that hour. I would not want to be the driver of an SUV who comes around the curve of a drive up and does not see scooter lady who seated does not even come up to the grill on the front of my vehicle...and...(Well, ever play Carmageddon?)
Typical...and pathetic.

I don't know if she has a medical condition or not. Maybe a mental one.

I agree with you, there is no way the drive-thru policy violates the ADA.

If her case goes to court, I hope it rules in favor of White Castle.

BTW - there's talk on the web (of which I HAVE NOT CONFIRMED) that Lard Ass Scooter Lady used to be a...are you ready...exotic dancer! One comment at where I read that said, "it must have been 20 years and 200 pounds ago." Heh!
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