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Saturday, June 20, 2009

EU Says ICANN Works Great
But Demands Changes Anyway

From Red Orbit:

    On Thursday, the European Commission released a strategic document in which it called for some significant changes to the way that the Internet's name assignment system operates. Currently, the system is managed by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, a private, nonprofit corporation. The EU doesn't seem to have a specific beef with how ICANN operates, but it's been consistently unhappy about the fact that ICANN answers only to the US government and is incorporated under California law. With ICANN's current charter coming to an end this September, the EU is starting a campaign to give it a more international flavor.


    "The EU also believes that future internet governance arrangements should comply with key principles, in particular, the respect for human rights and freedom of expression as well as the need to preserve stability and security of the Internet."

    Nations like China and Iran have recently demonstrated that their desire for "stability and security" winds up in pretty direct conflict with traditional European human rights values. The EU will have to pursue a careful balancing act if it hopes to obtain a level of oversight it finds acceptable without opening ICANN to being a vehicle for politically expedient limits.

Please read the full story.

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The internet is perfectly fine the way it is.

The EUnuchs just want an excuse to regulate it so that they can stop the truth from getting out.
It is. Leave the internet alone. The EU will do what they do with everything they stick their finger in: they will fuck it worse than can be imagined.
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