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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

David Letterman, Bitter Liberal

Wow...it's been October, 2006 since I last wrote about David Letterman and his bitterness.

He is a bitter, angry man, despite the public persona.

The other evening on his CBS program, he made reference to what he called Sarah Palin's "Slutty flight attendant," look.

"No 'Tonight Show' for you. Not ever!"

Hey, Sarah, laugh it off. Realize that Dave is a bitter and angry man.

Letterman thought he would be heir apparent to "The Tonight Show" when Johnny Carson retired. But Letterman rubbed too many higher-ups in NBC the wrong way. The job went to Jay Leno. This anger still boils within Letterman. He stormed off to CBS and has ever since relished in sulking in his bitterness.

Now, along came Conan O'Brien replacing Jay Leno as the host of "The Tonight Show." Ouch! Letterman must own stock in pharmaceutical companies that produce drugs that reduce the output of stomach acid.

Hey, Dave...Hey Dave Letterman, here's one little thing you will never be able to list on your resume: "Hosted 'The Tonight Show'." Awwwwwww, poor bitter, angry David Letterman.

It's funny when wealthy, bitter Liberals don't fulfill their lifelong dream, isn't it? Well, I certainly find it funny and entertaining, especially when it involves someone as bitter and angry as Letterman.

It's called Karma. Sweet, delicious Karma. With a small dose of Schadenfreude mixed in.


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He did become bitter after losing the Tonght Show gig and his animosity and bitterness only increases.
he didnt rub the higher ups at NBC the wrong way he was just extremely popular hosting late night and didnt want to change him

Go research your history and you will find that NBC exec's were no fan of Letterman. They liked the ratings he brought in, but personally they disdained him.

Why do you think he DIDN'T get the "Tonight Show" gig and that it went to Leno?

I didn't notice your comment, sorry it took a while to respond.

He is a bitter classless dick, isn't he?
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