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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bipartisan Nanny Pelosi

When she's not busy being Queen Botox...or Madame Botox, and when she's not busy trying to finagle a private jet - that is supposed to be used only for official purposes - for her own personal transportation, or when she's not busy lying about when she was briefed on enhanced interrogation techniques and waterboarding, I recall a long history of Pelosi pretending to be an advocate for bipartisanship, whether her party was in the minority or majority.

If memory serves me right, she was among the crowd bitching when the Republican Congressional Majority shut out the Democrats.

Well, now Nanny plays the same game. From The Hill:

    Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) says he has requested to meet privately with Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) this year, but has been repeatedly rebuffed.

    In an interview with The Hill, the minority whip said, “I have been told that Speaker Pelosidoesn’t like to meet with Republicans … I would say that is the case in my instance. I have put in requests to meet with her and have yet to be responded to.”

    Hours later, Cantor would be on the House floor, questioning whether the Speaker should continue to receive intelligence briefings.

    In his floor comments, Cantor grilled Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), claiming that Pelosi should no longer receive briefings in the wake of her accusation that the CIA lied to her about the use of torture in 2003.

    The Hoyer-Cantor exchange became testy, with Hoyer asserting that he is confounded by Cantor’s logic, calling it “incomprehensible.”

    Pelosi’s office did not comment for this article.

Nanny is doing the work of the American People. Don't you ever forget it!

Steny "Hic, make it a double, no wait, make it a Kennedy Triple" Hoyer

As for Steny Hoyer calling anything, "incomprehensible," look at his photograph. That is the face of a man who had not spent many moments in his entire life in a sober state. I imagine most things are "incomprehensible" for Steny considering what I suspect is his blood alcohol level running at 80-proof.


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Good link. Thanks.
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