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Monday, June 08, 2009

al Qaida Recruiting Young Boys
As Suicide Bombers In Iraq

I don't recall Dear Excellency His Leader mentioning one word in his speech from Cairo denouncing the abhorrent act of al-Qaida recruiting young boys as suicide bombers. Denver Post:

    Teenagers armed with grenades and suicide vests are the latest recruits for Sunni insurgents trying to find ways to outwit heightened security measures and attack American and Iraqi forces, the U.S. military said Saturday.

    The use of boys also serves a propaganda purpose — the soldiers face criticism for harming children if they fire back.

    Insurgents first turned to women to carry out suicide bombings, causing U.S. and Iraqi troops to step up recruiting and training of female searchers at checkpoints to seek explosives easily hidden under women's robes.

    Now, they appear to be using youths and weapons that are easier to hide, such as grenades, as they face omnipresent checkpoints and convoys aimed at bolstering security gains that have caused the level of violence to plummet nationwide.

    "With grenade attacks, insurgents hope to capitalize on reports of civilian injuries blamed on a coalition response to the attack," said Maj. Derrick Cheng, a spokesman for U.S. forces in northern Iraq. "However, the reality is that the grenade explosion itself causes the majority of civilian casualties."

    The statement issued Saturday was the first to provide detailed allegations of teenage suspects in what the military called "a growing trend of children carrying out attacks on Iraqi security and U.S. forces."

    Army Col. Gary Volesky, who commands U.S. troops in northern Iraq's Ninevah province, said grenade attacks are on the rise but a "more disturbing trend" was the recruiting of children to throw them.

    On May 9, U.S. soldiers killed a 12-year-old boy who the military said was thought to be involved in a grenade attack in the northern city of Mosul. Local residents said he was an innocent civilian. But the military said the boy was found with 10,000 dinars, or about $9, in his hand, which they said suggested he had been paid by insurgents.

    At least five other youths between the ages of 14 and 19 have been involved in grenade and suicide attacks in recent weeks in northern Iraq, it said.

Don't worry about the above scenario getting too much attention. The MSM won't report on it. The Pbama Cultists and Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP) section of the blogosphere won't write about it. It will just go away, American Soldiers will be blamed, The Left will continue overly exaggerating and hyperbolizing that "we" kill children. And that "we" torture.

Maybe there's a brilliant Liberal mind out there who reads my blog who can tell me what precise steps should be taken when, let's say, an American Solider in Iraq sees a young child approaching the checkpoint. The boy is told to stop or halt, but continues approaching the Solider. The Solider knows the child could be wired with explosives or is hiding grenades and will self-detonate or will be detonated by remote control by someone else who isn't visible. What do you do?

I doubt any Liberal or Pbama Cultist will answer the above, because they can't. Instead, they will deny that American, Allied and Iraqi Soldiers are faced with life and death situations like the above.

The Pbama Cultists and The Liberals are only too happy to grind into the ground their mostly false accusation that "America Tortures."

Think about it, three terrorists were waterboarded by the U.S. Three. Frankly, we could have waterboarded 300,000 for all I care.

The Left and The Pbama The Cultists sure love them their three waterboarded terrorist suspects, don't they? The detained combatants are treated just like one of the family. Yet I don't see any Liberal or Pbama Cultist opening up their home and welcoming as a guest any Gitmo detainee.

Hey, where's Liberal activists when you need them? Where's Mike Farrell? Where's Alan Alda? Where's Sean Penn? Where's Charlie Rose? Or Babara Streisand? Or Rosie O'Moo? Or Joyless Behar? Or Manlissa Etheridge? Why aren't these people leading by example and taking into their homes a Gitmo detainee?

Why not Libs? Why not Cultists? Your sympathies are with the terrorists. Why not invite them to live with you? All I am saying is give peace a chance. And it should start with Liberals and Pbama Cultists providing shelter and food for a Gitmo detainee.


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Kenyan president Obango Hussein Junior forgot to mention this 'wonderful' islamic contribution to the world.
And Mats, look at all the comments from Liberals answering the question I posed to them.
.Uh...strike that.

Muslim Nobel Prize Winners, what, there were 3? Excluding Arafat?
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