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Thursday, June 04, 2009

70 Year Old Man Roaming Around
Nude In Ashland, Oregon

From KATU:

    A man in his 70s has been roaming around Ashland in the nude.

    Little is known about the visitor who arrived in town from the Bay Area about three weeks ago. His lack of clothing has disturbed some residents, and caused at least one girl to cry, but officials say he's not doing anything wrong — at least in a legal sense.

    Oregon does not have any laws restricting nudity, but Ashland requires people to cover their genitals when downtown, Police Chief Terry Holderness told The Ashland Daily Tidings.

    "To the best of our knowledge he's never violated any public indecency laws," Holderness said

    Not everybody is so relaxed.

    Late last week, the man appeared at an intersection near an elementary school just as students were walking home. Crossing guard Pamela Osa asked a friend to call the police. A young girl, just about to cross the street, burst into tears.

    "This little girl is going to be scarred for life," Osa said, adding the girl's mother and grandmother were also upset.

    "I don't care about nudity," Osa added. "But when you're dealing with kids, I care."

    The situation has reminded residents of last year's nudist visitor, or "the naked lady." Jennifer Moss would go through downtown wearing only a hemp G-string — and less than that elsewhere in the city.

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Ooops. Looks like another Osama appointee is off the reservation and this time it isn't Joe. It's always nice to get some support from the bench.
Isn't that a crazy story? Only in BLUE Oregon.

What's up with the line in the story that says only in downtown are you required to cover genitals? As long as you're not downtown genitals can be free.

Oh, I'm feeling like a chorus or two of the song "Born Free" coming on.....
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