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Friday, May 08, 2009

What's Up With The Walgreens Ads?

The Blistex ad is from the Walgreens Sunday newspaper insert or circular from about three weeks ago.

The Carmex ad is from this past Sunday's Walgreens insert or circular.

Uh...anyone notice anything...(ahem) rather phallic about these ads? What's going on with whatever agency puts together Walgreen's advertisements?

If future ads eliminate the positioning of the tube and vial from the above manner, will it be because of this post?


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Just a little heads up. If there is one thing that you do NOT want to place on your "lobster telephone," it would be Carmex.

Do NOT ask me HOW I KNOW, I just KNOW. And now, you do too.
Dude, you need to get laid.
Two Dogs,

I do not want to know how you know that, and now that I know, trust me...Carmex will definitely not get anywhere near my...happy zone.

You should talk.

Whats the matter, the images of those lip balm make you feel inadequate? ;=)
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