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Friday, May 08, 2009

Single Payer Activists Arrested

On May 5, 2009, Dr. Margaret Flowers, and seven other activists, were arrested at a health care hearing on Capitol Hill. Dr. Flowers advocates for a “single payer” system and the Senate Finance Committee had barred any testimony from her group. Dr. Flowers insisted on speaking out about the issue.

It's always funny when Liberals are arrested. Always!

From Monthly Review:

    Citizens who believe healthcare is a human right have been arrested and are being processed like criminals through the Southeast District of Columbia police station. Their crime? Asking for single payer healthcare reform -- publicly funded, privately delivered healthcare -- to be discussed during the Congressional hearings on reform.

    Doctors and other single payer activists were handcuffed and went to jail today speaking up for single payer to be at the table in the Senate Finance Committee's roundtable discussion on healthcare access and coverage. In stark contrast, Karen Ignagni, head of the industry lobby group America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), was escorted into the room like royalty by staff members of the Senate committee.


    It made me physically ill to see Maryland pediatrician Margaret Flowers cuffed like a criminal and pushed out the door as the Senators waited to begin their staged roundtable discussion. It made me want to scream. [ It made me laugh and laugh and laugh... - Drake ].

Commiecrat Max Baucus is the one who says Single Pay is off the table.
He must be a Stealth Neocon!

Single payer should be off the table. Damn...I'm agreeing with a Liberal? Whoa...time to check the drinking water?

It's funny when Liberals cannibalize their own. Baucus may be looking for a place on the couch next to Zell Miller and Joe Lieberman pretty soon.

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Gosh darn it, Dave. I want to see the moonbats get cuffed and stuffed.
Comiecrats should be arrested more often! There is some justice after all.
Scaramouche, I enjoy seeing the moonbats cuffed, stuffed and jailed. even if its for a short time. Always remember, it's funny when Liberals are arrested. Always.

Well, of course commiecrats should be arrested - as often as possible. It
"levels the playing field." :-0
You know, if they want government health care so bad, they might consider committing some crimes to get themselves locked up in prison.

I hope next time that they commit felonies. Then, hopefully we won't have to worry about them voting, unless they get registered by Barry McTeleprompter's ACORN rabble friends.
Scaramouche...prison? Let's put 'em in a good olde fashioned Gulag in an undisclosed prison in one of our Eastern European allies. That'd be a fun adventure for them!
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