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Monday, May 18, 2009

One Hit News

The Affirmative Action Prednint Barack Hussein Obama, Junior heckled during Notre Dame speech. BBC:

    The AFP news agency said four men heckled the president, shouting "abortion is murder" and "stop killing babies" before being escorted from the auditorium.

    Mr Obama laid out his views on abortion in clear terms, describing it as "a heart-wrenching decision for any woman".

    "Let's work to make abortions more family friendly and all around fun, like that of a picnic," said the president.

Okay, he didn't say the last quote, but it wouldn't have surprised you if he had, would it?
- - - - -
Two al-Qaida leaders arrested in Italy; attack planned of Paris airport. Italian Life:

    Bassam Ayachi and Raphael Gendron, who hold French passports and have been resident [sic] in Belgium for some time [are] alleged to be members of a terrorist cell responsible for attacks in several countries.

    The men have been under arrest since last November on charges relating to illegal immigration.

- - - - -
Italy's Berlusconi and Russia's Putin cement deal for gas pipeline. Life In Italy:

    Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and visiting Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi on Friday praised a new agreement between Russia`s Gazprom and Italy`s energy giant ENI which will move forward their 10-billion euro South Stream gas pipeline project.

    The two government chiefs agreed that the pipeline will enhance the European Union`s energy security and denied that it would make too dependent on Russia.

    ``We should be happy that this nation-friend is offering us the gas we need. And if Europe wants, it can always turn to other suppliers, if it wants,`` Berlusconi said at the accord signing ceremony.

We don't need energy like this in the United States. All of our cars and homes are powered by windmills and solar energy.
- - - - -
Expenditures for Belfast MPs causes public fury. Belfast Telegraph:

    Politicians suffered a public backlash over the MPs' expenses scandal yesterday as they went back to their constituencies after Parliament's blackest week in modern times.

    Ministers, backbenchers, local councillors and party workers reported a rising tide of voter anger over the damaging revelations about how MPs had milked the system.


    David Chaytor, the Labour MP for Bury North, said he had made an "unforgivable error" in claiming almost £13,000 between September 2005, and August 2006, for interest on a mortgage that had been paid off in 2004.


    The former environment minister, Elliot Morley, was suspended from the party for an almost identical offence on Thursday.


    Julie Kirkbride whose MP husband Andrew MacKay quit as an aide to David Cameron after admitting they had "double claimed" the second homes allowance.


    Nadine Dorries, Tory MP for Mid-Bedfordshire, denied claiming a second home allowance while having only one home.

    [ But the best misappropriation of funds - in my humble opinion goes to... Douglas Hogg ... ( Drake) ]:

    Douglas Hogg, the ex-minister who used expenses to clean his moat, should no longer be a Tory MP.

He had his moat cleaned. I think if you have your own moat, you should get one-freebie. I want a moat!

All these MPs - with their misappropriation of funds and tax problems - are qualified to serve in the Obama Administration, no doubt about that!
- - - - -
A new Gallup poll reflects 51 percent of Americans identify themselves a Pro Life while only 42 percent identify as those who Worship at The Altar of Abortion. UPI:

    A Gallup Poll indicates for the first time since it started asking the question 14 years ago that a majority of U.S. adults describe themselves as "pro-life."

    In the poll released Friday, 51 percent called themselves "pro-life," while 42 percent considered themselves "pro-choice," The Washington Post reported Saturday. That's a significant reversal from last year's poll when 50 percent said they were "pro-choice" while 44 percent called themselves "pro-life."

- - - - -
Former FBI Agent says Obama's policies make another September 11 all too likely to occur. NewsMax:

    A former FBI agent who recently won a lawsuit defeating FBI attempts to muzzle him tells Newsmax that the agency's morale may be at its lowest ebb ever, and warns the "chilling" effect of Obama administration policies is making another terrorist attack on the U.S. homeland "inevitable."

    Speaking in an exclusive Newsmax interview, retired FBI Agent John Vincent says his gravest concern is that the Obama administration is repeating mistakes of the past, thereby leaving America vulnerable to a terrorist attack.

    "I'm not exactly sure where the president is coming from, but all the signals he gives out is that the United States is prepared to talk peace, we're not going to do anything to upset any of the people that are conducting all these terrorist acts, we're going to back out of everything we've done before, we're going to apologize for everything we've done in the past – what kind of signals does that send?" Vincent asks. "It sends a signal of weakness and: 'We are not willing to try and stop what you have planned.'"

It sends the signal and message that Obama is a Pacifist and an Appeaser, just like his Groupie Cultists - all of whom are Pacifists, Appeasers and the Blame America First crowd. Blame Barry when the U.S. suffers another domestic terror attack. It will be fully and wholly his fault.

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And in a few weeks, Affirmative Action President Obango Hussein Junior will go and sing praises for the islamic world in the capital of sunni islam, Cairo.

Maybe he can make a pit stop in Mecca, and pray to the stone therein.

You know, usually deceivers try hard to keep their deception as long as they can, but I am trully amazed in how fast Obango Junior has managed to totally reveal himself with less then 3 months in the White House.
I predict that by the end o fthe mandate, he'll be walking around the White House wearing the muslim turban, and reciting the Qur'an.

The man is a disgrace.
On a related note, Jimmy Carter could have been heard saying "Thank you Obama!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Hey Mats, sorry for a bit of a delay in publishing (everyone's) comments and responding. Whenever that happens it usually is a matter of time - or a lack of it - for me.

You make a good point at how quickly Obango lifted his veil and showed us who he is. The "my Muslim faith" statement on video with George Snot-opopolous should have been a red flag for everyone but...the MSM has a vested interest in siding with the Liberals.

Carter is indeed indebted to Pbama, for Carter will now not be known as the Worst.President.Ever.
"I predict that by the end o fthe mandate, he'll be walking around the White House wearing the muslim turban, and reciting the Qur'an."

Funny, it's my exact prediction too.

I wish I was kidding but I am not.

So much for the gulible, easily fooled leftist extremists.
Tym, you and Mats do have similar "takes" on issues, now that I think about it.

Heck...maybe you are somehow related?
Well he seems like a decent person by the look of his comments but I don't think we are. We have in common though that we both speak foreign languages, me French and him Spanish if I'm correct.

Well I know a few words of spanish but that's about it like como esta and stuff like that, really basic spanish indeed.
"Tym, you and Mats do have similar "takes" on issues, now that I think about it.

Heck...maybe you are somehow related?"

Maybe we are half-brothers, like Samsom and Obango Junior!
Tym and Mats -

Hey...if we trace back far enough I think we'll all find we are somehow related. I mean...if the Cheneys and the Pbama's are related...anything is possible.

I find the comments from both of you engaging, reasoned and they always make me think. When we;ve disagreed here or there on something, it is always civil - which is something The LiberTards cannot do. Anger, bitterness and hate always enters their debate.

Not that I'm above stooping to their level, I do it all the time - but that's the open secret of this blog that The Libs and Cultists are too stupid "to get", even after all this time.
In Portugal we speak portuguese not spanish. Similar, but distint.

Btw, I have seen your blog. Do you have an english one too?

Sorry for the mix up here, it tells you that my latin roots might not be that great in recognizing differences between latin based languages.

I blog in French and in English but mostly French since I speak mostly to French speakers although I am trying to make an effort to blog in English once and a while.

Google translator might be quite helpful in translating if you are still interested.


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