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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Oil Prices Jump

Uh-oh! What's this? The price of a barrel of oil jumped...jumped to the highest of the year! Yahoo:

    Oil prices surged to a 2009 high Wednesday after a government report showed that unused crude being placed in storage slowed a bit last week.

    Benchmark crude for June delivery rose 4.6 percent, or $2.50, to settle at $56.34 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. It was the highest close since mid-November.

You know, right after Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior moved into began "squatting" in the White House in January, the price for a barrel of oil was $34.40 and a gallon of gas averaged $1.78.

A gallon of gas now averages - in various geographic areas of the U.S. - between $2.07 to $2.33.

What does this mean? Well, it's clear. Iraq is Obama's War For Oil. Yep, crystal clear, Iraq is all about oil and Big Bad Evil Oil has Pbama in its pocket. We know this is true because The Liberals spent the past eight years telling us it's true.


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Aren't crude inventories like 17.1 % above last years levels at this? Why yes I believe they are. So increased supply and reduced demand are suppose to do what to prices? I think I smell a rat. A big fat stinky Kenyan rat.
Pbamanomics, Molson, Pbamanomics. The most least understood theory of all economics. We spend money we don't have and print money we can't "back-up" because this wonderful creature called Trickle Up will work...if'n we Hopey and Changey enough!

Now, everybody, click your heels three times and repeat three times:

"I hope Trickle Up works, I hope Trickle Up works, I hope Trickle Up works."

And even when it doesn't pretend it does! You are now an Obama Cultist!
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