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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gingrich: Pelosi disqualified herself

Bwa ha ha ha ha! Oh...(grabbing stomach, hurts so much from convulsive laughter)...Bwa ha ha ha!

Former Speaker of The House Newt Gingrich said Nancy Pelosi disqualified herself to be Speaker of the House. ABC News:

    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich today flatly declared that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should be replaced in the wake of her allegation that the CIA lied to her about harsh interrogation techniques.

    “She really disqualified herself to be speaker,” Gingrich, R-Ga., told Diane Sawyer on ABC’s “Good Morning America. “I think the Democrats should get a new speaker.”

    Pelosi’s allegation “basically smears” the U.S. intelligence community, Gingrich said, leaving her “disqualified” to be behind only the vice president in the presidential succession order. Leaving her in place, he said, is “very dangerous” for the country.


    “The case against Nancy Pelosi remaining Speaker of the House is as simple as it is devastating: The person who is No. 2 in line to be commander in chief can't have contempt for the men and women who protect our nation. America can't afford it,” Gingrich writes. “Speaker Pelosi has damaged America's safety. . . . America is losing ground because of Nancy Pelosi's contempt for those who defend her. Democrats owe it to their country and our national security to replace Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.”

E-X-A-C-T-L-Y: Nanny "Man Hands" Pelosi is full of contempt, hatred and rage toward those who work so diligently at keeping us safe and who work tirelessly at staying one step ahead of the terrorists.

It is Pelosi and her defenders who are the real terrorists.

Nanny isn't going anywhere. The Dems will circle the wagons like they always do when one of their corrupt, lying members get hit upside the head from their own self-induced stupidity.

I want Nanny to stay around and continue as Speakeress of The House. She can only give Conservatives more ammo to use against her during the next two and three years.


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The Nutty Bitch is the best thing the Repubs have going. They have failed so miserably in getting their own message out. Gingrich himself has called out the Repubs for being lame ass RINO's. Not exactly his words, but close enough for me. Now Gingrich is correct on every level calling for the ouster of the Nutty Bitch. She needs to go. There are enough corrupt Demotards in Congress and the criminal administration of The One. However, the Repubs as they stand now need the Nutty Bitch as they have very little else going for them since they have been nothing but a bunch of little RINO fucks for far too long now. Gingrich could change all that. He was once the best thing the Repubs had going for them. He could be again.
I agree, Molson. I used to be a fan of Newt, but then he kind off went off on his own, chumming up with Hillary and (in my opinion) kind of straying away from the conservative principles that he once had.

Maybe he's coming back around, and that is good.

I'd love to see Peloshit get the boot, but it's better she stay in office for he gaffes. She can only do more harm to her own party, and that's what we need more of, I think.
Yeah Newt kind of went off the reservation, but I don't think that was until the Repubs threw him under the bus. He seems to be coming around. Time will tell.
Molson, you make a good point, the Repubs did throw him under the bus.

I had forgotten that, which is why I depend on guys like you with better memories. Thanks for keeping me on task.
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