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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Evil Master Of The Universe Dick Cheney
Can't Get Torture Memos Released?

The Pbama Cultists, Moonbats and other troglodytes that form the Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP) are quite fond of claiming...claiming, mind you...that former Vice President Dick Cheney is The Evil Master of The Universe.

Oh yeah, Cheney is the Evil Puppet Master, with his own secret army that traverses the world and covertly assassinates anyone Cheney wants on a whim. Those who make these charge have nothing to offer as evidence, but Liberals never do. No. Their modus operandi is character assassination, smear-merchanting, ad hominem attacks, personal attacks on the person's family, mud-slinging and outright lying and fabrication. This is the only way Liberals can conduct themselves.

Cheney is still running the CIA, according to the Pbama Cultists and the ILCP. He still has his many covert operatives in the CIA who are doing all sorts of dirty work for him and working against the Pure As The Wind Driven Snow Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior Administration.

Well...it seems rather strange that if Mr. Cheney possesses all this power The Left seems to think he has, that he can't get the CIA to release the memos he says substantiate enhanced interrogation techniques work. AFP:

    The CIA said Thursday it has denied former vice president Dick Cheney's request for the declassification of memos he said showed that harsh detainee interrogations yielded valuable intelligence.

    CIA spokesman Paul Gimigliano said the request was rejected because the information sought was the subject of pending litigation, which under the terms of an executive order excluded it from a declassification review.

    "For that reason -- and that reason only -- CIA did not accept Mr Cheney?s request for a mandatory declassification review," Gimigliano said.


    Cheney's battle with the CIA erupted after President Barack Obama's administration released Justice Department memos that spelled out so-called "enhanced" interrogation techniques that the CIA wanted to use on "war on terror" detainees.

    Widely denounced as torture, the techniques included a form of simulated drowning known as "waterboarding," as well as stress positions, sleep deprivation, slaps to the face, confinement in small spaces and others.

    Cheney has argued vehemently that the memos gave a one-sided view of CIA's special interrogation program and that the intelligence agency should declassify other memos that showed the intelligence gains they produced.

Dick Cheney, Patriot.

Let me understand this correctly; the All Powerful Omnipotent Ruler Of The Universe Dick Cheney, with his private army of covert assassins and his army of covert CIA operatives can't get a couple memos released?

I guess - as they always are on all the other issues - the Liberals are wrong about Dick Cheney being The Evil Master of The Universe.

Liberals and Progressives are cowards.


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Did you have to include a photo of the Evil One? I just crapped my Pampers. It's too terrifying.
He sure is the All Powerful Master of Evil, huh, Molson? And he can't arrange to have two lousy memos released? Yeah, Dick is sure dangerous.
Drake. It's all about making sure evil white supremacy never overtakes the entire world. It seems you support this satanic ideology. Liberal or conservative, does that really matter?

I can't make sense of your comment. Do you want to expand a bit more on it, or may I continue thinking you are simply an illiterate, inbred, dumbfuck? Please advise. Thank you!
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