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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cheney Sends Pbama Cultists Screaming

I love that former Vice President Dick Cheney continues to offer his assessment of the Corrupt Affirmative Action Prednint
Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior Regime.

Check out the way the MSM is reporting on this story, just in terms of headlines to their stories:

ABC News: Dick Cheney on the Attack! Ooooh - wow, he's on the Attack? I guess anyone who disagrees with the Obamalith is "Attacking" their dear Messyiah. Critics are expected to become a dutifully silent Pbama Drone, never questioning the policies or the person of the Affirmative Action Prednint? This is what The Left would like. It's not going to happen.

National Pubic Radio: What is Dick Cheney trying to accomplish?

The Washington Post: Dick Cheney, 'Democrat Socialist Party.' Yeah, like Dick is telling us something we don't already know...that Democrats are Socialists. This outrages the Pbama Cultists.

Boston Globe: GOP infighting as carnival game. Infighting? Why - that never happens in the Commiecrat party, does it? Or if it does, certainly the compliant press does its best to not report on it.

The Atlantic: The Irrelevant Dick Cheney.

TIME: Dick Cheney: Why so chatty all of a sudden?

Toronto Star: Why won't Dick Cheney shut up?

The press and the media act as if Bill Clinton, Albert Gore, Junior, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy and a laundry list of other Liberals never criticized or spoke out against the W. Bush-Cheney Administration. These Libs - and others - never stopped lying, telling half-truths and misrepresenting American politics during the Bush Admin. Were they treated the same by the press and the MSM? When did TIME ever run a, "Bill Clinton, chatty and critical of U.S. and Bush policy" story when Bubba was overseas delivering a Blame America speech? Ditto Albert Gore, Junior and all the other America-hating Liberals.

No...there is no double standard in the press or the MSM. And I have ocean front beach property for incredibly below market prices in Iowa. Let me know if you're interested. It requires a very affordable down payment. Honest.

Keep driving the Liberals and the Pbama Cultists crazy, Mr. Cheney. Keep speaking out about the failed Pbama Administration Mister Vice President.

Cheneys words elicit the actions of rage and anger from the Pbama Cultists because what Cheney says is true. Cheney hit a nerve of truth with the Cultists, and this is when they scream the loudest.

During the entire Bush Administration the mantra from Liberals was that it is "Patriotic to criticize your government and the president." Now, the criticism is on the other foot. I'm liking and enjoying it. How about you?


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