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Friday, May 08, 2009

Cheney Defends His Tenure

I had to laugh when I read the headline for the following NPR story: "Cheney Chooses Spotlight Over Keeping Quiet."

Yeah...uh huh...like other Dems have kept quiet, not criticizing the Bush Admin. Dems like Bubba Clinton, Hillary "MrsSatan" Clinton, Albert "Global Warming Alarmist/Charlatan" Gore, Junior, Fat Ted Tumor Head Kennedy, Herr Biden, Worst.President. Ever. Jimmy Carter, Worst.Vice.President.Ever Walter Mondale, Madeliene Fatbright - yeah, like they all kept quiet and were respectful of the Executive Branch under Bush-Cheney.

National Pubic Radio:

    ...former Vice President Dick Cheney, 68, has emerged as the most prominent public defender of harsh Bush-era detention and interrogation practices for suspected terrorists — and critic of Obama's national security choices[.]


    Some find his outspokenness, including his assertion that Obama's decision to ban torture undermines national security, inappropriate for a former vice president.

    Others want to see him, instead of holding forth like an elder statesman on cable news, held accountable for his role in endorsing the CIA's harsh interrogation tactics and secret prisons.


    In his mind, longtime Cheney watchers say, the man is speaking out and hitting back not to burnish, or restore, his legacy, but because he is convinced that the tough Bush policies he shaped were the right ones and remain so.

I think it's great when Cheney speaks out...it drives the Pbama Cultists into fits of hysteria.

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