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Friday, May 01, 2009

Michele Bachmann Makes Verbal Gaffe;
Makes Dems Go Wild!

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, a Republican, misspoke recently. Now...all you good little goose-stepping Pbama Cultists and members of the Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP) remember the word "misspoke," right, because it is the crutch of Liberals.

What did Ms. Bachmann say that is driving the LeftWingers batshit crazy? From The New York Times blog:

    ...the outbreak of swine flu in 1976, which killed one person at Fort Dix, N.J., took place “under another Democrat [sic] President, Jimmy Carter — and I’m not blaming this on President Obama, I just think it’s an interesting coincidence.”

    While Mr. Carter was of course elected in 1976, Ms. Bachmann seemed not to know just when the swine flu outbreak took place, or to remember that President Gerald Ford, a Republican, was still in office every day of that year, when the government developed a vaccine and tried to immunize every American to head off a pandemic[.]

Wow. That's really something, huh? Holy Moly! Ms. Bachmann erred in a date and the timing of a past swine flu outbreak. Wow. Should she be crucified for such an egregious error? Absolutely YES, say the Pbama Cultists.

No Liberal has ever said anything as factually incorrect, though, have they? Nope. None. Never.


* There was that one gaffe where - reading FROM PREPARED TEXT, mind you, PREPARED TEXT - Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior said that a "bomb fell on Pearl Harbor."

Really, Barry - a bomb fell on Pearl Harbor? When? What history book did you read that informed you of this, do tell.

* Then there is that one gaffe where Pbama said he would "bring the Joint Chief of Staffs in [and] give them a new mission. That is to end this war, responsibly, deliberately but decisively."

Really, Barry - that's interesting because the Joint Chiefs have nothing to do with decisions made on the ground by generals.

* Then there is that one gaffe where Pbama called Penn State the "Nitally Lions." Yep, Barry sure is the sports junkie, yes?

* Then there is that one gaffe where Pbama didn't know how many states there were, referring to our "57...58...states." Well, you have to give this one to Barry because it's hard to master such esoteric details as the number of states when he's all hopped up on the crack cocaine and The Chronic.

* Then there is that one gaffe from Herr Joe Biden, in last year's Vice Presidential debate when he said that France and the United States, "kicked Hezbollah out of Lebanon."

Really, Joe...France and The U.S. "kicked Hezbollah out of Lebanon"? When did this happen?

What this all comes down to is this: as long as you're a Liberal you can create facts on the spot, misspeak, blatantly lie and even say that Michael Jackson plays for the Chicago Bulls and you are exempt from criticism and correction.

"I tell you that Michael Jackson is unbelievable, isn't he. He's just unbelievable."
- Vice President Al Gore, wowed by the Bulls. (Source: The Chicago Tribune June 17, 1998)

Just don't dare misspeak or say something incorrect if you're not in possession of the Coveted Free Pass handed out by Liberals and Progressives. Otherwise, you are treated as is Michele Bachmann.


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