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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jim Marzilli, Dem Perv Update

You remember Massachusetts State Senator Jim Marzilli, right? Oh - wait - maybe you don't. There's just so damn many Democrat perverts and pedophiles to keep track of, isn't there?

Marzilli was accused in June, 2008, of making sexually lewd remarks to women, attempting to grope at least one woman and assaulting a woman on a park bench.

When confronted by police, Marzilli did the brave thing. He gave them a fake name and then he ran away.

James Marzilli, apparently out of NutHouse Central
and so far, no longer randomly groping women.

Then, Marzilli checked himself into Loony Tunes General Hospital, allegedly suffering from some type of psychiatric disorder. Yeah, uh-huh. The only psych disorder this guy has is that he's a Democrat and a pervert.

Here's the update: the District Attorney want Marzilli to serve jail time.

And jail time he should serve! He's a sexual offender/predator.

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So I wonder what Jimbo's prison name will be? I think "Glory Hole" is available and most appropriate.
Ol' Jim will be squealing like a pig. He'll probably like it, though. It will be home away from home.
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