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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Dismal Obama Economy Linked
To Rise In Violent Deaths

The increase of violent deaths is being attributed to the dismal economy created by Barack Hussein Obama, Junior.

Hey, the story is in the very Liberal Washington Post, so it must be true!

    In Binghamton, N.Y., a Vietnamese immigrant upset about losing his job burst into an immigration center and killed 13 people before killing himself. In Pittsburgh, police said a gun enthusiast recently discharged from the Marine Corps opened fire and killed three police officers. And in Graham, Wash., investigators said a man whose wife was leaving him shot and killed five of his children in their mobile home before taking his own life.

    The carnage that occurred during less than 48 hours last week capped a recent string of unusually brazen mass killings, which crime experts say have touched more people and occurred in more public settings than in any time in recent memory.


    The factor underlying the violence, some experts think, is the dismal state of the nation's economy. Criminologists theorize that the epidemic of layoffs, the meltdown of storied American corporations and the uncertainty of recovery have stoked fear, anxiety and desperation across society and unnerved its most vulnerable and dangerous.

Who spent the first 60 days in office trash talking our economy, our banking system, our stock market, our tax policies, our spending and what effect did this have on businesses? Layoff after layoff after layoff.

Blame Barry. It's his fault. All his fault!

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Anonymous said...

The Death of The United States Democracy and Capitalism.
The greed and lack of moral values of the elite ruling the US, especially that of the CEO’s of banks, other financial corporations, and most of the members of congress is what is destroying The United States Democracy and Capitalism.
The elite leading this country put their own financial gain above everything else. Unless ordinary US citizens wake up and cause change with their vote and demand that their elected officials change the rules of the financial system this democracy will perish.
What we need to regain trust and re-establish a real democracy:
1- More transparency from the CEOs of all financial systems and other corporations. Shareholders need to be vigilant and look at the actions of the CEO’s as well as the Boards of directors especially in terms of risk taking on investments that in the short run bring a lot of profit, and big bonuses for them but in the long run are very dangerous.
2- More say and involvement on part of the shareholders to award bonuses, who should get them, for what reasons, and the ability to take them away when performance is based on deceit.
3- Board of directors should be held accountable for their actions. Shareholders need to find about conflicts of interest between the board of directors and the CEOs especially in terms of the bonuses they approve for the CEOs and the salaries raises they take. Shareholders need to change the rules on how the boards of directors are elected.
4- Shareholders should be able to sue the CEOs and boards of directors when their decisions make the shareholders lose a lot of money while they made a lot of money in bonuses and salaries. They should be made to return the money they made to pay the shareholders.
5- All elected officials and especially the members of congress as well as the president should put the interest of the country as a whole and of the ordinary people who elect them first. Right now the US is not a true democracy, because lobbyist who contribute to the political campaigns and who offer many perks or gifts in different forms buy most elected officials. That needs to be changed.
6- Financial institutions that take the risk to lend money to people who do not qualify for a loan or cannot possibly pay a loan should be closed or fined.
7- Change the tax structure so the richest pay the highest amount on capital gains.
8- Do not put failed individuals in charge of the countries financial institutions and keep the media independent and unbiased.
9- We need to ask our congress to pass a law to make white collar crimes equal to drug crimes.
a. Time in jail be mandatory. Make time equal for value of crime.
b. All private properties will be lock up upon charges, and take procession by the courts to sell and return funds to the victims.
c. Any funds to be transfer to family members shall be retaken by the courts.
d. All funds send overseas shall be confiscated.
e. Any individuals to be shown to assist and abet in the transfers of funds shall be as guilty as the charged individual.

6:58 PM, April 09, 2009

I took the liberty of editing out the links to liberals you included. It's my prerogative to do that.

Nice cut and paste. Where'd you get it from?

7- Change the tax structure so the richest pay the highest amount on capital gains.That's a stupid argument. Doing so removes incentive for wealthy people to invest, grow their wealth and create jobs. Marx would be proud of you.

9- We need to ask our congress to pass a law to make white collar crimes equal to drug crimes.Yeah...that will solve so much.

(Looking at my watch)...isn't it time to spit polish your Obama Jackboots, Anony?
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