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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Coleman v Franken: Does Anybody Care?

The most recent recount in Minnesota's U.S. Senate race has Al "Rape is Funny!" Franken leading Norm "RINO" Coleman by 312 votes.

Franken leading is not surprising, which is why I've spent almost no time at this blog writing about this story. Here's what happened since election day:

* Republican incumbent U.S. Senator Norm Coleman (who I did not vote for and do not support) won on election day. He then won a recount.

* Once the number of votes that Coleman had won by - the difference from Coleman's votes and Franken's votes - was known (by the counts), all Franken had to do was manufacture enough fake ballots to outnumber the lead Coleman had.

* Suddenly, boxes containing ballots began to surface - coincidentally, almost all of them in districts and precincts that lean heavily Liberal. Very heavily Liberal. Boxes with ballots were turning up in closets, car trunks and Richard Gere's colon.

* Lo and Behold...guess what? Most of those ballots in all those "missing" boxes voted for Franken. An amazing, amazing, supernatural event - yes?

Once the preliminary counts were completed, it simply became a matter of, "How many votes does Franken need to win?" And then the process of manufacturing and creating those ballots began.

Now, Franken claims to have overtaken Coleman. Coleman will challenge this in court, and he should, he has every reason to do so.

I couldn't care one bit if Coleman gets the U.S. Senate stolen from him. Good riddance to this RINO. I know many Minnesota bloggers who identify as Republicans will disagree with me on this; they like Norm Coleman. Look, I like him too, I think he's a nice guy and that he's sincere - but he's a RINO. The same defenders of Norm Coleman are the same Republicans who rightfully complained about Minnesota's Six Little RINOs. But they support Coleman? Why? Because he has an "R" after his name? Hogwash! What's the difference between Coleman and Minnesota's Six Little RINOs? Nothing.

Meanwhile, I'm sticking to my unwavering support for the open and unfilled Senate Chair. I think the Chair is doing a tremendous job. It can remain in office until the 2014 Senate race as far as I'm concerned.

All Hail The Chair!


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Yeah. You are right DD. Coleman is a RINO, but the thought of having Franken being an unrelenting dick for the next 6 years... Oh wait. Sorry my bad. Franken has been an unrelenting dick since the dawn of time. Plus, Franken will be the best thing to happen for the RINO Party as he will spot light just how many unrelenting dicks make up the Demoturd Party.
Oh, I fully agree Molson. Franken is a piece of shit, a total piece of shit. But if that what it takes for a true Conservative to run against him in 2014, then I'll ride out six sad assed years of Franken.

Coleman had his chances, again and again and again to decide to vote as a Conservative or to join the Liberal side of the Senate. He chose the Liberal side too many times on too many issues I consider important. Mainly his reversal on drilling for oil in ANWR, supporting minimum wage, and his absurd "symbolic" vote to get out of Iraq. He was - if I am not mistaken - originally against the surge in Iraq saying it wouldn't work. He is not a Conservative, he is a RINO. And that's a big part of why we're in the mess we are in. My opinion, of course.
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