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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Ashley Biden Cocaine Update:
She Did Not Snort Up On Wednesday

Ashley Biden, daughter of Vice Prednint Herr Biden, caught on video at a party in February snorting cocaine did not...I repeat...did not snort cocaine on Wednesday.

She crashed and rested. All day. With ice packs pressed against her nose. She is pleased with her continuing weight loss.

Commenting to an unreliable reporter, Ashley said, "if I could get chic thin, you know, like those Jews in those camps - what were they again - concentration camps or something? Yeah, they had a great dietary and physical fitness regimen. If I can get that thin then yeah, it would be cool. I'd be model-thin. I'd be the hit of the cocaine party circuit."

Ashley Biden's Cocaine Cravings is a regular feature of this blog.

Full coverage can be found by clicking on the Label below: Cokehead Ashley Biden.


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The keywords are "on wednesday".

Bush had a lesbian daughter, Biden has a coke snorting daughter.

Let everyone have their own little kind of fun.
Oh, I am allowing Cokey Ashley her fun. I'm just taking it over-the-top, as they say, to illustrate how the Left treated the Bush daughters, the Palin children, etc.

It's all meant to tweak the LefTards.
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