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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ratings Boost For Jon Stewart Leibowitz

Why did Daily Host Hose Jon Stewart Leibowitz go batshit crazy over Jim Cramer and others who dare criticize Barack Crack Cocaine Hussein, Pbama Junior?

For the ratings.

Leibowitz, as usual, is late...way late...on this issue. He's just thumping, pumping and humping it now to garner some ratings.


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The MSM labels the "debate" between Jew-Jon and Cramer as "Stewart Wrecked Cramer." But as you have already pointed out Cramer is a moderate liberal democrat and never really strayed right of center. Jew-Jon was not tearing apart a Conservative Republican by any means. What everyone saw on Comedy Central was another example of what you referred to as "Leftist Cannibalism" where they proceeded to eat one of their own. Cramer just happened to be a knowledgeable economist and had the Audacity (to use one of their camp's words) to mention that Obama's plan would essentially do nothing for the economy. Or in other words, he pointed out that the Emperor has no clothes. He then became the Democratic Party's sacrificial lamb.....
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