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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Pbama Depression: Rasmussen Poll Shows 53% Say Big "D" Will Hit 1930s Style

More bad news for the economy, the stock market (yes, I know it showed moderate signs of life on Tuesday due to confidence in CITI, not due to Pbama's scheme of raising taxes on everyone or Pbama's stimupork) and consumer confidence. The basic component is that Pbamanomics isn't working and won't work. Not ever. The market will recover despite - not because of - Pbamanomics.

The latest Rasmussen survey has 53% of Americans saying we will have a depression similar to the 1930s:

    Most Americans (53%) now think the United States is at least somewhat likely to enter a 1930’s-like depression within the next few years.

    The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 39% think this outcome is unlikely.

    Nineteen percent (19%) say a Depression is Very Likely while 7% say it is not at all likely.

    The latest results are more pessimistic than those found in early January, when 44% said a 1930’s-like depression was likely in the next few years, and 46% disagreed.


    The most recent survey also found that half of all adults (49%) say today’s children will not be better off than their parents.


    Fifty-four percent (54%) of investors and 53% of non-investors say it is likely the country will slip into a serious depression.

Way to go Barry Pbama, The Illegal and Illegitimate Prednint!

The longer Barry is in office, the more pessimistic the economic outlook. Who knew...who knew?

Ahhhhhhh, Hope 'n Change!


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