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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Memo To Madoff: Write Children's Book

I have an idea how convicted Ponzi scheme kingpin Bernie Madoff can get back into the good graces of everybody, included those he screwed.

Write a series of children's books while in jail.

It worked for Stanley "Tookie" Williams.

Jesse Jackson prayed for Tookie Williams, a convicted killer. I wonder if Jesse prayed for Bernie? Being the good, God-fearing, man-of-the-cloth that he is, I would imagine he has.

So, Bernie Madoff can take a cue from
Dave Zirn, writing at The Nation on November 29, 2005:

    Williams decided to make a difference. He has spent the past twenty years intervening in gang disputes and co-writing with Barbara Becnel a children's book series, Tookie Speaks Out Against Gang Violence.


    As Todd Chretien of the Campaign to End the Death Penalty said, "There is no reason on earth to kill him and every reason to keep him alive."

See? Williams made a difference by writing children's books. Books...for children. For the Children! Never mind the families, relatives and friends of the people he murdered...damn it people...the man wrote children's books. What more do you want?

Write some children's books during your time behind bars, Bernie. The Left will forgive and love you.


H/T: T.J. Edwards

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This post is really good, one of your best. I've noticed that most of the posts credited to T.J. Edwards are really funny. He must be a creative genius.
T.J. Edwards is the feel good hit, creative genius of the millenia.

The sad part is his brilliance is sporadic. Most of the time he's in an alcoholic stupor. He sobers up once in a while and thinks up some very creative and funny ideas.
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