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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Government Will Decide Your Salary

Hmmmmmm...the Federal Government Pbama and His Fascist Pigs
want to decide and determine wages paid to employees. Washington Examiner:

    ...in a little-noticed move, the House Financial Services Committee, led by chairman Barney Frank, has approved a measure that would, in some key ways, go beyond the most draconian features of the original AIG bill. The new legislation, the "Pay for Performance Act of 2009," would impose government controls on the pay of all employees -- not just top executives -- of companies that have received a capital investment from the U.S. government. It would, like the tax measure, be retroactive, changing the terms of compensation agreements already in place. And it would give Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner extraordinary power to determine the pay of thousands of employees of American companies.


    The measure is not limited just to those firms that received the largest sums of money, or just to the top 25 or 50 executives of those companies. It applies to all employees of all companies involved, for as long as the government is invested. And it would not only apply going forward, but also retroactively to existing contracts and pay arrangements of institutions that have already received funds.

    In addition, the bill gives Geithner the authority to decide what pay is "unreasonable" or "excessive." And it directs the Treasury Department to come up with a method to evaluate "the performance of the individual executive or employee to whom the payment relates."

    The bill passed the Financial Services Committee last week, 38 to 22, on a nearly party-line vote. (All Democrats voted for it, and all Republicans, with the exception of Reps. Ed Royce of California and Walter Jones of North Carolina, voted against it.)

More Wagyu Steak porridge, please.

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But Seriously... Hitler did win an election victory and spent the years immediately thereafter consolidating power by using intimidation groups - specifically the Brown Shirt NAZI gangs.

Now we have ACORN on the public dole, Union Thugs dependent on Obama's benevolence to keep GM operating (even though they are not selling cars), and now Americorps.

Team Obama's intent is to gain compliance through intimidation of those that disagree.

This could get really ugly when unemployment and inflation hit double digits next year.
I'm left of center but not I guess what you call the IlCP. You could never say I supported Bush much, but I'm having my fill of voters remourse with Obama. You accurately portray his followers as cultists. Keep up the good work.
MAS, I agree with everything you wrote. Obama is taking the same route as Hitler. I'm not saying he is Hitler...not yet, anyway. But his methods of consolidating power and using his BrownShirts and his version of his Hitler Youth is no different than the means Hitler used. Thanks for commenting and visiting.

You're admitting voters remorse for Pbama? Good for you! Even if you remain in the ILCP I give you credit for acknowledging Pbama voter remorse. Congratulations.
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