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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Freedom Tower To One World Trade Center

The name of the skyscraper that will occupy the grounds of September 11 is being changed. APee:

    Even without the name, the symbolism of the Freedom Tower as an American response to the Sept. 11 terror attacks was hard to miss.

    The original architect designed a twisting form he wanted to imitate the Statue of Liberty, with a spire that rose to the deliberate height of 1,776 feet to recognize the year of American independence. Politicians called the tower proof of the country's triumph over terrorism.


    The tower — still under construction with a projected completion date of 2013 — no longer has the same architect, design or footprint on the 16-acre site. And this week, the owners of ground zero publicly parted ways with the Freedom Tower name, saying it would be more practical to market the tallest building in New York as the former north tower's name, One World Trade Center.

    Critics called the name drop an unpatriotic shedding of symbolism by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Some newspaper editorials blasted the agency for years of missed deadlines and changing plans for the site.

    "When you've broken your promises on everything else to do with redeveloping ground zero, it's no big deal to discard the name by which the public has come to know the iconic skyscraper at the heart of the plan," the New York Daily News wrote on Friday.

June 28, 2006 artist rendition of Freedom Tower

Is the name important to you, and if so, which name, Freedom Tower or One World Trade Center? Leave a comment.

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My take is this is just unimportant, you know that it is NOT going to be finished.
What do you mean...that there will not or never be another structure at Ground Zero? It may take much longer than current plans, but I think there will some day be another structure in place there. What am I missing?
There has to be something else there, that is prime real estate. I just do not think that any of the schematics that they have to date shall ever get built.

I think that some rich dude or another rich company will buy the property and build. I do not think that the Port Authority will ever get past the circle jerk stage.

Does the subway still run under the building?
No doubt it is prime RE.

Some shenanigans may indeed be going on that haven't leaked to the public. There is a hint of intentional delays and delays which could lead one to conclude that the plan is to continue delaying rebuilding, I will give you that.

I have no idea if a subway runs under Ground Zero. I didn't even know one did. Does one? Did it? I learn a lot from you.
WTC was a main station just north of Battery Park. You actually came up inside one of the buildings, I think. Oddly, I never came into the area that way, I always stay on Fifth just south of Central Park, that is on the Eastern side.

The station I always come to down there is right at Wall Street. I do know that there used to be a bunch of ferries that came in over there, too, right at the World Financial Center.

Shit, David, they had to reroute that subway though.
I have been in NY, but not NYC or down(up) town.

Argggggggggggggggh! I hate underground travel. Rode the BART in San Fran years ago. It stopped. The lights went out, and emergency lights went on. My Aunt says, "we're at the bottom of the bay."

Me: trying not to release my bowels.

A few minutes later the lights flicker on and the pod train starts moving again.

Man was not meant to travel via underground.
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