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Sunday, March 15, 2009


EnviroMadness versus CommonSense at Clint Heine's newly redesigned blog.
- - - - -
Heh! Tym Machine's Top Ten Reasons Why I Hate The Detroit Red Wings.
- - - - -
Uh-oh! Don't use the phrase, "These trying times," around Two Dogs. If you do...well, something bad just might happen.
- - - - -
It's Curtains For You has the list of the ten most lowest ranked Conservative Republicans.
- - - - -
The difference how the Troops reacted to W. Bush and how they react to Hussein Pbama. Bug Drivel. (The Troops have to force themselves to appear to like Pbama, huh?)
- - - - -
Barack Pbama without a teleprompter versus Miss South Carolina. Brought to you by Nuke Gingrich.
- - - - -
Ironic Surrealism: Pbama wants YOU to pledge allegiance to him. Oh, and MAKE SURE YOU PROVIDE YOUR FULL NAME, ZIP CODE AND EMAIL. (Hey, he needs this information so he can mail you your Brownshirt and Jackboots!)
- - - - -
Cowboy Blob presents...well...safe to say she's not Dolly Parton.
- - - - -
WATCH OUT FOR THOSE POTHOLES! Wait a second...are those really potholes?!? From Butch at 123Beta.
- - - - -
It looks like AlanDP at Blogonomicon may have a vinyl collector's item.
- - - - -
Last Sunday's Unfunnies, brought to you by Steady Habits. Did someone say Tax Man or Axe Man?
- - - - -
What do the letters O.B.A.M.A. stand for? Braden has the answer!
- - - - -
This Blogworthy Edition's Daily Double goes to GroovyVic at Fiddle Dee Dee for the following:

Going Green means using the same maxi pad for FIVE YEARS?!?!


While some men did - and do - real work...others hang draperies.


Once again, thanks for the linkage...
You are most welcome. You find some of the neatest stuff to link to. That's why I read you, Butch!
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