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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Ashley Biden: Cocaine Set Up?
She Was Busted For Pot In 1999;
Arrested In Chicago In 2002

I'm just going to milk this story of Vice President Herr Biden's daughter Ashley Biden-snorting cocaine on-camera as long as I can...and then some.

What is now being reported - purportedly - is that capturing Ashley Biden snorting cocaine at a party last month is a setup. AHN: :

    The cocaine scandal surrounding Vice President Joe Biden's only child Ashley has been a setup, it has been learned.

    It was recently reported that there exists a video that features a woman who looks identical to Ashley snorting cocaine in a friend's party and is being shopped around to news and gossip websites.

    Biden and his family has not commented on the issue.

    Now, RadarOnline.com reports that the man, who is selling the footage and is alleging to be a friend of the 27-year-old VP daughter, bought the cocaine and hidden camera for the so-called expose.

    According to the website, the seller planned the whole thing and set up a woman alleged to be Ashley in the party. The man made sure he was in correct position to film her when she snorted the drugs. He was planning to get the woman on tape doing drugs for at least three weeks. The footage was shot this year.

    The man apparently shopped the video to several media outlets but did not receive an offer.

To date, Ashley Biden has not denied it is her in the video.

And according to those who have seen the video, the woman snorting cocaine is aware she is being filmed, waves to the camera, knows her actions are being recorded. How is this a set up? How did they "make her" snort the cocaine?

So what if the tape is being shopped to sell? Last I checked, this is the Free Market...or the waning days thereof, until Pbama ushers in his New Age Fascism.

Snorty McCokehead Ashley Biden

Ashley Biden has a criminal record:

Arrested 2002 in Chicago outside a nightclub.

Arrested in 1999 for possession of pot. Get this: this case was dropped but Ashley was too stoned stupid to follow up on it an have it expunged from her record! Bwa ha ha ha! She's a chip off her old, dimwitted dipshit Dad, ain't she?

I'm going to keep exploiting this Ashley Biden Snorts Coke story. Even if it turns out proof positive that it's not Ashley in the video, I won't believe it. Facts...who needs 'em? I'm going to blog like a Liberal for the next four years.


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