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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stimupork Rush, Now Pbama Delays Signing

February 6, 2009: His Excellency Dear Leader Mister Pushy Sunshine Smile Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior condemns Republicans for trying to delay stimulus. The Telegraph:

    [Obama said], "if senators failed to pass the 736-page bill "an economy that is already in crisis will be faced with catastrophe".


    "...every day that Washington fails to act, that recovery is delayed,"[said Obama].

    "It is inexcusable and irresponsible to get bogged down in distraction and delay while millions of Americans are being put out of work," [said Obama].

So, Congress rushes to pass the stimupork bill and where is Pbama? He takes a four day weekend because he's been working so gosh darn hard. NY Post:

    After pushing Congress for weeks to hurry up and pass the massive $787 billion stimulus bill, President Obama promptly took off for a three-day holiday getaway.

    Obama arrived at his home in Chicago on Friday, and treated wife Michelle to a Valentine's Day dinner downtown last night. The couple was spotted leaving upscale Table Fifty-Two, which specializes in Southern cuisine, with the first lady toting what appeared to be a doggie bag.

    The president plans to spend the Presidents' Day weekend in the Windy City, and is not expected to sign the bill until Tuesday.

If this bill was so important, why isn't His Excellency hightailing his bi-racial ass back to Washington to sign it? Because it's all Political Theater, Smoke and Mirrors, a Dog and Pony Show.

You've been had, America. Pbama has Pwned You.

I wonder if, while in Chicago, Barry had time to hook up with his boyfriend Mike Signator. I guess yes!


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Pbama stimuporked us all very hard, then took a vacation at our expense... all without the courtesy of a reach around I might add. Is there no decency?
It's a joke... he's a liar and a fraud and there is no REAL crisis or he would have been there on Friday to sign this thing; no... he doens't give a damn if it interferes with his personal life. I wonder how he will make sure he is NOT included in any new laws so that when he is no longer president, he won't have to participate in the mess he's helping to spawn.

I notice you seem to have been "link" bombed...

Also... every time you make a post, I get a blog link to you. It doens't show up that I can see, but I get a google alert about it.
Molson, yeah, he needed that vacation from working so hard the past three weeks. Where can I get a job with those benes?
Oh, I agree with you Bug. Totally. There was no crisis. He and the Libs were playing The Fear Card.

What do you mean "link bombed"? I didn't find any links to me on this post?
that's weird... when I commented originally there were about 11 links under the post. Funny.
Under this post? I wonder where they came from? I don't have anything set up to automatically do that. Oh well.Thanks.
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